Evidence of Evolution

Cells to little weird animals to gorillas to humans. How could humans have come gorillas?


Many scientists believe in evolution, humans evolving from earlier primates. They didn’t just say “Hey look at that monkey! He looks just like your mother!”,”Your right! Maybe that is where humans came from! We will call it evolution!”

No they did not do that. There is actually many evidence of evolution taking place. Which I will be telling you of right now.

1st piece of evidence-Vestigialstructures. Vestigial structures are bones or other organs in an organism but are reduced in size and either have no use or have a less importantfunction than they do in other related organisms. For example the hind limbs of whales, or the appendix of humans. Even humans tail bones are vestigial structures. They are thought to have helped previous organisms but are now less useful in their evolutionary counterpart.

2nd piece of evidence-Homologous structures. Homologous structures are structures that share a common ancestry. Otherwise a similar structure in two organisms can be found in the common ancestor of the organisms. As different organisms evolve so do their bodies. Similarities exist in the bone structure though can still be seen. Such as, the forelimbs of penguins, alligators, bats, and humans are all very similar in structure. Suggesting they all have a similar ancestor.

3rd piece of evidence-Amino acid sequence. The Amino acid sequence which codes for an organism’s protein. The prediction was first tested by analyzing the amino acid sequences of similar proteins found in several species. If evolution has taken place, then, in general, species descended from a recent common ancestor should have fewer amino acid differences between their proteins that do species that share a common ancestor in the more distant past. Example- the amino acid difference between humans and gorillas is just one, and the difference between humans and a Rhesus monkey is only 8. Although the difference between a human and a frog is 87.

Although there are several pieces of evidence leading to evolution, I do not believe in it. I believe God making Adam and Eve which led to more children, who then led to even more children, which has then started the human race. That is just my perspective though, although evidence suggests otherwise. That is just three pieces of evidence that leads to evolution, there are quite a few more pieces of evidences towards evolution. Hopefully this has helped you.