Everyday example of Mixtures

A mixture is when there is a combination of at least two or more substances physically combined together, not chemically. This means that the atoms of each of the substance to do not chemically bind together and can therefore be removed through simple processes. If there is a chemical binding of such atoms then it would not be called a mixture since it has gone through a chemical change.

There are many forms or sorts of mixtures, but what is common between all these forms of mixtures is that all substances that are used to form mixtures have the same physical properties. There are three main types of mixtures including colloids, suspensions and finally solids.

In our daily routine or our daily lives, we come across many mixtures. Here are some everyday examples of mixtures:

* Salt water: The reasons why salt water is called a mixture is because the salt and water that are mixed to give salt water can both be separated. Even if the salt is completely mixed with the water, it can simply be separated by boiling the salt water. The water can be attained by condensation whereas the salt will be left over once the water has been boiled.

* Sugar water: This is similar to the mixture of salt water. The sugar and water when mixed and stirred thoroughly can be removed by boiling the mixture of sugar water. The water can be collected through the process of condensation, whereas the sugar will be left remaining once the water has been completely boiled.

* Concrete: This mixture is around many of us. When we decide to take a walk on a concrete road, we might not believe that this is actually a mixture. However, concrete is in fact one of the most misunderstood mixtures. Concrete is formed through a mixture of calcium oxide, water as well as sand and a few other gravel rocks. Concrete is a mixture because we can actually attain all the raw materials back from the hard concrete. This can be done by simply hammering the concrete and then grinding the left over and then separating each ingredient.

* Salad: This is also a common everyday mixture that we see. A salad contains tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, and other ingredients that can easily be removed to attain the initial ingredients.

Mixtures are always around us. The above mentioned examples are just a few of the many other mixtures that we come across whether we are outside or in our kitchen. They form an integral part of our lives and can easily be separated.