Euthanasia Blindness Cures Diseases Life – Unethical

Euthanasia is unethical because we then make ourselves or others God.

No one knows the time when someone is going to pass from this world to the next. No one knows when the next cure will be discovered. If we look at history there have been many diseases and there have been many cures. If we look at history appendicitis, tuberculosis, hydrocephalus, open heart surgery and cancer to name a few were all considered killers. No one every survived any of these diseases. Today many survive and many will live two or more decades after being cured of these diseases.

My sixth child was born with hydrocephalus and we were told that he would not live past three year of age. He is celebrating his forty-first birthday this year. He has three beautiful children and he struggles with the rest of us, has problems as all of us do, being a parent, working, making ends meet. Some might say it is hid disability that gives him trouble, but then why do so many of us with no disabilities face the same problems as he does.

I know many people who had disabilities; one is blind and believe me when I say she has better eyesight than some people with twenty-twenty vision. She works, is completely independent, travels and enjoys life to the fullest. She is an inspiration to all who know her because she never feels sorry for herself. If Euthanasia were available years ago both of these lovely people would have been put to death because what hope was there for them.

We just have to look at the special Olympics for disabled people and see how many of them do so well in life. How many of them are happy, bring joy to others and add beauty to this world we live in.

How many people are there out there who have no disabilities except the one wherein they are just unhappy people? They never stop and smell the flowers or look at the birds, a sunset or sunrise and only find unhappiness in everything the see and do.

People don’t want to open up their eyes and realize that we are becoming like Hitler with his idea of creating a perfect race, thinking he was God and choose who should live or die.
Once we start giving people control over who will live or die, we are denying the freedom of another Thomas Edison who had a hearing problem to invent something that will benefit mankind. Little Ritchie and Johnny Ray, although they were blind have filled and continue to fill people’s lives with enjoyment with their music which can take away many of or sad thoughts.

I’m sure many of you can bring to mind many other people who although they were disabled have inspired you and people you know.