Environmentally Constructive Tree Planting

We all know that the world is experiencing desertification mainly due to deforestation. This desertification means that there is less water for farming, thus producing people to move into the cities. This desertification is producing global warming because there are no trees to capture the carbon dioxides emissions produced by the consumption of fossil fuels and other contaminants. This global warming is causing many disasters around the world.

It is obvious that planting trees is of extreme importance to save the world. Now, I read about the projects to go to other planets and spend millions, if not billions of dollars in trying new technology to see if then, and only then; we can create the conditions for human beings to be able to live there. One projects contemplates assembling kind of mirrors the size of Texas “in space” in order to reflect heat so they can melt the ice in one planet so then, the planet temperature can come down and at the same time have water. Another one, contemplates the use of several atomic bombs to create the same conditions more or less.

I ask myself: How can we be thinking of creating the right environmental conditions for human beings to be able to live in another planet, when we cannot save our own? Or asked differently: Have we already given up on our own planet and plan to conquer another to “hopefully” not repeat the same mistakes? Or even harsher question: Who are going to be the lucky ones that will be able to leave earth before it is doomed and be able to go to live in the new “world”, planet?

It is with some irony that I read this articles about our efforts to go and conquer another planet, spending so much money and effort into it, when we cannot even save our own planet. Why don’t we spend all that money in planting trees around the world? Perhaps because we haven’t realized yet that the world belongs to all of us, and whatever is happening in another place (name it country) is affecting our own? Can it be possible that at this time and era, when there is no doubt that the world is experiencing a warming effect, that can be clearly felt by every corner of the world, be it by extreme droughts, floods, bigger than ever hurricanes or any other catastrophe’s clearly documented in the news, and yet; we still invest for our own self interest as if the world belonged to somebody else?

It is time that we “all” share responsibility in saving the world and leave our own egotistic self interests behind and start working on planting trees on a huge scale so we can have a world for generations to come.