Environmental Consequences of Prolonged Drought

Gaia’s Ghost

Let us consider the word environment. In this context it undoubtedly means global environment. But is that concise enough? I myself would have difficulty in assessing the concept of a global environment but feel that it would be necessary to also consider any and every micro-environment, which is what the global environment consist of. Though the scale is much smaller, those of us who determine, or is supposed to be most qualified to determine, what consequences, have the same difficulty with universal law translating to Planck Length models and vice versa. Would one need the equivalent of a Unified Field Theory in order to accurately assess the damage that prolonged weather changes have on the global environment? Let us hope not. If one were to adopt a more algebraic approach the significance of the word prolonged becomes prevalent. Prolonged meaning over time or divided by time ,/t, But unless we give T a value. Any of us, no matter what level our education could only speculate even with piles of what we consider viable data before us in which to extrapolate from. One would have no choice but to consider the relationship between the micro and the macro, how one affects the other. One’s scope must be scalable on demand. In order to employ multiple perspectives. Whether you be a single celled organism or a sperm whale if you possess senses, If you have any means of detecting your environment then an observer exist, a perspective exist from the inside. The literary concept of first person applies to more than people, it applies to anything that has the ability to interact with its environment. So you must do more than asks me what I think. In order to get the whole picture one would have to consider all viewpoints and positions, walk in another’s shoes, whether those shoes be fitted for elephant or plankton. Nature on this world is a system of checks and balances much like our two party political system is supposed to represent. It is the epitome of harmony. If one were determined to form at least a basic hypothesis as to the effect of prolonged drought, in order to be as accurate as possible, first eliminate all of the factors associated with all the unnatural activity enacted by humankind. The data would then be untainted and one could determine which trends were natural, the planet making an adjustment or following a more significant time scale, and which were not. As for the consequences, they should be more than obvious.