We spend billions and billions on the investigation of space. Though it is a worthwhile enterprise for science and even sometimes comes up with a practical application, one can look at the obvious and KNOW that even with extended space travel, we will only make our way to gaunt and empty places, perhapos giving us some minerals and elements, but little promise of “lebensraum”.

On the other hand, we spend NOTHING, ZIP, on going into the earth for its energy, excepting little one or two mile (15,000 feet at the most) drillings for fossil fuels.

WHY NOT MAKE THE EARTH our global energy source?

We know that the earth’s diameter is 12056 kilometers or about 7800 miles.

We know that at the center we have a molten core, probably mainly made of nickel.
But in the 3,600 MILES of earth before getting to the center, we have an exactly increasin temperature, from the degree at the surface , and increasing in temperature as we go down.

For about one hundred billion dollars, a circular drill pattern of sixteen feet in diameter could be drilled to a depth of ten miles at a proper earth site, and would receive 3,280 degrees Fahrenheit at that depth. It would be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to continue to drill as temperatures passed the 500 degree F. mark, but POSSIBLE.

The goal would be to put in place at that bottom a unit which would deliver the superheated steam ina pipe-volume of sixteen foot diameter at a pressure that would operate extensive turbines.
Once the superheated steam were under control at the surface (obviously cooled to some extent by passage and handling) the turbines could handle any and all modes of energy absorption, INCLUDING automobiles.

It should be obvious to you now that we have the heat source that electric generation should over come ALL other forms of energy supply. Our fifteen mile big drills could be replicated at whatever pattern would supply the entire planet, including in particular the poor areas where now there is little or no energy source.

For transport and transportation, electric recharge sources would be available and totally electric cars would be devised that had no emissions of any kind, and battery systems allowing maximum use before recharge. In fact, since the homes as well as the businesses would be in the system, a recharge would always be available everywhere.
Moreover, charge strips might be placed in the center of highways and picked up by locators when auto batteries became weak or needful.

The only huge problem would be the necessary money for the drilling, the creation of the units to fit each “well”, and the dissemination of the electricity nationwide in each country.
Obviously, existing distribution systems would help but would not carry the now ONLY source of energy to be used, oil and gas and fossil fuels, and particularly coal, now outmoded and abandoned.

The greatest problem in such an overwhelming change would be shrugging off the old world we know so well. Even the use of HORSES and BUGGIES and WAGONS continued for some time after viable automobiles and trucks were available.

This idea would make it not just necessary but absolute that all countries get together for the payment of the costs, and for the selection of the drilling patterns.
Aha! You said ‘What about the ships at sea?”

As a matter of fact, such drilling could more easily be done at sea, as the goals are going to be nearly everywhere at least ten miles below the ocean bottom, and stations can be set up at sea as well as on land.
What would be required?

First, a competent set of a new kind of geologist-energy experts knowing what to do.

Second, a complete survey of the above possibilities worldwide.

Third, a getting-together of a composium of all countries with the sole purpose of creating the earth-source.

Fourth, an International funding of the pilot project.

Fifth, the exploitation of the pilot project and subsequent copying at all of the chosen sites throughout the world.

Eventually, an awakening on a planet-morning to the quiet passage of trucks, cars, boats, planes, in a well-lit warmed and cooled atmosphere, derived with great freedom and eventual small cost from our embraceable Mother Earth!