Effects of Sunlight

Sunlight is our natural vitamin D booster. It is given freely and without it we could run into a host of health problems. Studies have shown that it can be a fighter against cancer, osteoporosis and many other medical conditions. In our world today we are bombarded with danger warnings about the sun and sun tanning but if we use the sun’s heat moderately we will be better off for it. Sunlight is the only thing that can boost your body’s vitamin D levels. There are many vitamin D supplements on the market and they do help but there is nothing that works as well has the real thing. Exposure to the natural sunlight is a simple easy way for us to get the required vitamin D for our bodies.

Our bodies produce vitamin D when we are exposed to ultra violet rays and we get this from natural sunlight. For example a person would have to drink ten large glasses of milk a day just to get the minimum requirement of vitamin D for their bodies verses five to ten minutes per day in the sunlight can give us all we need.People that live far away from the equator would need longer exposure to the sun than those that live near the equator and people with a darker skin complexion need more sunlight than those of fair skin in order to generate the amount of vitamin D their body needs. Vitamin D is critical to the body in ways such as calcium absorption in the intestines, without vitamin D you can’t absorb calcium, taking a supplement is not the answer if your body don’t have enough vitamin D.

Sunscreens block your body’s ability to absorb vitamin D from the sun. In fact it can create a vitamin D deficiency in the body. We all know that the word is “don’t go outside without sunscreen” but what are we doing to ourselves. If we use the sun in moderation it could benefit our bodies not harm it. You can over do it with sunlight but your body can’t over do vitamin D. Our bodies regulate how much it needs and eliminates the rest. Sunlight is a life giver. It is the best and only natural way for us to get this important vitamin we need. It will help us fight diseases of the body and help our bodies stay healthy if used in moderation. You can get all of this from natural sunlight and it is given freely. Sunlight is the power that makes things grow. Even children can’t function without it. Our body not only needs it but craves it. Many people suffer from SAD without it. It is as essential to our bodies as the air we breath so make sure you get your fix of sunshine when you can but do it in moderation.