Effects of Car Emissions

Over the past century, the temperature of the air near the earth’s surface has risen nearly 1 Celsius degree. That is the so called Global Warming. Some scientists are warning us that Global Warming will increase the chance of the occurring of various nature disaster , yet there are other scientists are saying not such a thing.

I’m not a big follower of the Global Warming scenario but I do feel our life environment is worsening in recent years. No matter what conclusion scientists will finally deliver to us, we can see by our own eyes that there are some obvious facts are threatening our environment. Among those threats, carbon dioxide pollution is the worst.

According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,- ” the average amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by nearly 40% since early 19th centuries, the Industry Revolution”. Our life have been easier since then because of the major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, production, and transportation. Unfortunately, our nature environment has been suffering since the Industry Revolution due to the burning fossil fuels, deforestation and industrial production.

I list carbon dioxide pollution as the number one threat to our environment not only because its huge negative effect on the atmosphere, but also because it is difficult to get rid of. We need to keep improving our life, keep moving our economy, so, we keep burning fossil fuels, deforestation and so on…

How to decrease the carbon dioxide pollution while keep our economy going? From my research, I don’t see any solution delivered by scientists or economists. I am not spreading any negative opinion. There are things take time and efforts. In fact, before scientists or economists pointing a way for us, we can do something helpful by ourselves- use our cars as less as possible.

Cars are the greatest polluters. When we burn fuels to start our car, we start polluting the air. We have billion vehicles on the road every single day. We don’t even need a lab to test how much we have been poisoned, – just use your nose in the traffic jam, you feel the dreadful effects of car emissions.

You see my point- we need to use cars and cars are the greatest polluters!

Recent years, there are several alternative fuels have been in use. The problem is -the alternative fuels require energy too, and it just another way to burn fossil fuels- the manufactures burn it for us.

Currently, no alternative fuels is idea. I think the best we can do is to drive our car as less as possible. Take public transportation whenever it is available. Share ride with friends and neighbors when it is possible..

It might be difficult for people who need to travel to and from home, office, clients. But, think about every breath we take- isn’t it worth fighting for?

Do our bit from today on, we’ll go green in the future!