Eating Insects

Some of the oldest creatures on the planet are cockroaches, having survived virtually unchanged for several hundred million years. Ants are everywhere, getting into corn, sugar and food all over the world. Termites are a major threat to wooden structures in the tropics and semi-tropics today, they are moving up into Canada. Locusts’ swarms keep devastating crops throughout Africa. Three out of four of the identified species in the world today are beetles, if you include all the arthropods, it is a large biomass. Bugs, bugs, and more Bugs!

Bugs do well in just about every environment and under the harshest of conditions, ranging from the Tropics up into the Arctic Circle; they do quite well with toxic waste and even around nuclear explosions. Global Warming just makes insects grow faster and bigger. Insects invade our houses, damage our homes, and eat our food; they are getting out of control. What can be done?

Eat the little beggars! Why not?

Termites are extremely nutritious, being an excellent source of protein and B Vitamins, and they taste good as well (ask any Chimpanzee). Many people actually eat Chocolate-covered Ants (This writer has, as well as termites) and they have no taste except the chocolate, but more protein. Fried Grasshopper Legs are a delicacy in many countries, and a locust is just a large grasshopper! Grizzly Bears and Australians eat grubs, look how healthy they are.

Yes, many insects can be eaten and are a highly valuable source of nutrients. Of course it is a good idea to avoid blister beetles and insects with stingers, biting down on a stinger can hurt even if the insect is dead. Bugs can also be grown just about anywhere and on just about anything. They bug you, so why not bug out on them!

So, should people seriously eat insects? Many already do, both intentionally and accidently. Termites, ants and grasshoppers are actually eaten in many countries. Ants are also often eaten by mistake as they get in with the flour, sugar or cornmeal; they raise the protein and vitamin levels! Insects are a source of food that is actually underutilized in many places, but that may change with changing global conditions. If they can eat our food, our houses and keep coming around, something needs to be done. Why not with a knife and fork?

Move over beef burger and cheesecake; let’s grab a grub, ant souffl and some crystallized grasshopper legs on rye!