Drugs in the Media

There are a lot of different perspectives on drugs as a whole. Most are in the general direction of horrid, but there are a few opinions in the media that sway towards the other end of the spectrum.  The movies, for instance, give a positive outlook on the drug factor. They make all the drug lords look as if they are untouchable and living the good life. When in reality, the drug cartels are living in a dust town of violence and power. The actors that play in these movies are shown to be using drugs on a recreational level. So when younger people see these successful men and women using, it makes them think it will not hurt their future if they start. If successful members of society can use and flaunt it openly, then kids see it as a “cool” and progressive way to live.

Some drugs are known to be more feverish than others, but the main outlook is that they are bad all around, according to the news. They showcase only the substantial drug busts or portrait the statistics that grip the public on a personal level; seriously increasing their perspective on drugs in the public eye. Often times the news will associate crime rates with drug use in that particular area. The state boarders, in the cities, and right next door seems to be the only places that drugs in the news are shown. Tending to, again, personalize the ordeal to the viewers. Subjecting them to rationalize a certain way when thinking about what drugs are and how they affect criteria of living.

The government makes it a lot easier to attain drugs through pharmaceuticals. The Internet is packed full of information regarding prescription drugs. Some of the hard drugs that are on the street are artificially created and made more available to the street junkies for a much cheaper price. The only difference is the option to do some research before indulging into an unknown substance. The Internet is providing information to youth, making them believe the drug they choose to take is ok to take as long as you don’t drink or take other pills along with them. This is creating a false veil of safety over much of the nations young. If thinking they are being safe and knowing that movie stars are partaking all the time, then that makes it seem like nothing bad can come from it.

The mixed views strewn about the different strings of media must be confusing the ones sitting in front of the T.V., reading a magazine, or surfing the Internet. Simply because the way they relay ideas across the gap gives many gouges and scrapes to the information before reaching the people it targets.