Drought Wildfires and Water Conservation Issues Finding a Solution

Water has been an ever present problem in the USA. Many local wars were fought over water rights and its absence. For many years now the aquifer on which farmers relied for their crops and livelihoods has been failing to replenish itself. When one looks at the selfish use of water ion keeping a swimming pool in row after row of “ticky tacky boxes” to quote the old song , it is obvious that US residents prefer ostentatious display to proper use and protection of their environment.

Once again California is burning and there is a lack of resources to fight those fires. Firefighters have having to choose which fires will be fought and which will be left to burn themselves out. Some counties are in a state of emergency once more. Has anyone seen the movie “Burn Up”? This is a movie where the USA refuses to terminate the twenty-five percent of the world’s carbon emissions that is emitted by that country annually.

In a world of six billion a tiny fraction of the population, a mere three hundred million US residents are emitting a daily twenty-five percent of the world’s carbon emissions and threatening the planet for everyone. There are attempts to put spin on it by complaining about China, India and Brazil. Both China and India have treaties with the European Union to limit their carbon emissions. China declared its intention to go green in January 2008. Already they are fazing out the production of incandescent light bulbs in their factories.

What is the USA’s real excuse of continuing to threaten our planet? We have already seen that it is the centre of their nation that is flooding. Many lived with the comforting thought that as the Poles melted the seas and oceans would gently rise, putting only New York and other low-lying areas at risk. Look now. Are you aware that a fast major melt could sweep away the Rocky Mountains? Toronto, Ontario, just south of you, is built on the roots of mountains that were swept away by previous fast melts.

The real problem is that you do not wish to face the damage you have constantly inflicted on your own land mass. This began when you took trains across the prairies to shoot the buffalo. The shout was “every dead buffalo is a dead injun” Dead and dieing animals were scattered across the plains. The floods and fires are the result of your own mismanagement of land. Unfortunately the rest of the world suffers from you, because of your military might.

It is time for your leaders to become good world citizens instead of threatening and buying political and fossil fuel power globally. It may be that your nation has a master plan for culling the human herd, believing that the fossil fuel plutocrats can save themselves. In the face of floods and fires, a possible Armageddon exists.

May God have mercy on our souls.