Drought Mitigation Strategies

A Guide to Drought Mitigation Strategies
Scientists are doing everything they can right now to prepare for future climate changes’ and their prediction of natural disaster that will inadvertently result in droughts to an alarming degree. There will be frequent widespread drought in the years to come. With alarming effects on agriculture that is predicted to cause loss of life, and worldwide food shortages.
Scientist are searching for ways to effectively limit the damage to agriculture from drought. There are already practices in place to minimize some of the effects of short term drought issues. Drought Mitigation Strategies are in effect. Everyone is trying to do their part to reduce the drastic effects of Global Warming; by having effective plans in place for any and all drought crises’ along with other preparedness implementations for the effects of national disaster. The predicted crop shortages are expected to happen within a matter of time; it is all about preparing for those changes. A long dry spell in America will cause world-wide food shortages. Any and all effects of calamity can be greatly reduced with the correct measures in place to prepare for the future drought issues.
Plans should be in place to monitor regions that are experiencing the effects of a drought and for the distribution of information of important facts and a course of action for that location. A drought monitoring global system should be maintained to reduce the future effect of drought damage. Sustainable agricultural practices are underway; as scientists busy themselves at developing crops that can survive in droughts; and are working on all areas of climate change issues to reduce the drastic effects of future impacts of natural disasters.

For those in Agricultural and Live Stock should have plans developed for alternative water sources in case of drought or water shortage due to Global Warming issues and future predictions for World-wide Weather Catastrophe(s).
The impacts of drought can be reduced by proper implementations that are effective during drought for adaptation and for adequate improvements for being prepared. Policies need to be in place in order to integrated drought into the national, regional and global effective measures.
Natural Water Program Strategies

Crisis management strategies need to be addressed and action taken ahead of time in order to properly prepare for the imminent global natural relief for the future and present effects of drought. There are many options and programs that vary depending on the level of need.
Have a
Water Supply Plan
in place.
For the management of water conservation for rainwater catchments and storage.

– For Water Restrictions have a plan in place. Such as installing a Water Tank to catch and store rain fall and; or the use of Grey Water which is recycled water from your indoor water. Such as recycling shower water, and other household water used to use or store for watering gardens.

– Collect Rainfall is used for domestic, or irrigation purpose in times of severe drought.

Aqueducts to transport water, and store for livestock, and agriculture use.

– Construction of Ponds to sustain water.

Conservation tillage practices which includes: trip, cropping, contour farming, zero or chemical, and mulch tilling practices.

-Develop and maintain environmental Safe Wells.
-Water Desalination is a technology used to take salt out of saltwater to make fresh water for consumption.
– Harvesting of rainwater,
there are different methods to use for collecting rainwater in barrels that are placed on the sides of rooftops. And other waster from washing and sewage systems is recycled and cleaned to be reused as water for irrigation.

– Invest in Crop Insurance.

Stone Walls and Trenches
made to contain
water flow in order to make the soil moist and for the prevention of erosion of the soil.
– Planting drought resistant crops.

-Cloud Seeding is used to induce precipitation to cause snow or rain to fall.

– The government has Subsidies, and Grants for people to install large water tanks and plumbing and related fixtures.

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