Does Science by its very Nature Undermine its Search Answers Obsolesce – Yes

We, the people of Earth, the greatest most knowledgeable of all creation……….no…… wait…… IF we in fact are created, then there must be at least one being more knowledgeable then we. But our ego’s can not survive if in fact WE are not the glorious delectable swirl of whipped cream on top of the pie! If, IF that is the case, we must strive with all we are to prove that we in fact are the highest of the high!

From ancient time forward, most Kings and leaders, even Biblical leaders had two different sets of advisers. One of course was the Holy man or Prophet believed to be in direct communication with God (whatever you think the name is). Although I believe the Prophets of God ,(what I call him), are real, that is another debate for another time. The other side of the coin so to speak were the sorcerers and wizards. DISCLAIMER: “The author of this article IS NOT calling modern day scientists sorcerers and/or wizards!” The King or ruler, had to make the right decisions for their people or risk being overthrown. When confronted with major decisions, oft times the would consult with both sides.

In most cases, history teaches us that the ruler decided by whom said what they wanted to hear. Again the ego thing. sorcerers and wizards are in fact the forefathers of modern science. Wanting favor in the kings eyes, the battle began. You could wager and win if you did, that what the Prophets said, the sorcerers and wizards disagreed with. The Kings, as we have already established, ha the ego problem that still exists in mankind to this day. The Prophets did not according to history come to the King and say, “Invade, you will win.” They came saying, “If you honor God and do these things, (omitted for brevity), you will win.” So, obviously in some cases appearances were the Prophets failed. Not to mention that all men, including some Prophets, were not what they prophesied to be.

In an effort to win greater favor with the King, the sorcerers and wizards also researched into medicines and other ways to make life better for the King as well as the Kings subjects. Oh that things would have stayed that way. Both parties into their own areas! Alas, no! Jumping ahead a few thousand years, the battle rages on. The office of the Prophet of old has become virtually to totally extinct. Not because of God, but rather the lack of devotion of those whom could be Prophets.(again, another subject) Scientists have not changed all that much. Albeit this is an excellent opportunity to insert into this article that I know there are scientist
that believe in God. Science has made such a difference in our world through medications, vaccinations, etc.

Still, at the root, science still must be all knowing. Perhaps the worst part of this whole scenario is that we learn in scripture that “Every good gift and every perfect gift cometh from God above.” Assuming this is correct, what the scientists have been able to accomplish came from the very one that science seeks to disprove! If in fact these words are correct, God is God, and we are not the “whipped cream,” science itself has been obsolete from inception. Shame, can you imagine what God and Science could accomplish together?