Does Science by its very Nature Undermine its Search Answers Obsolesce – No

Science, by its very nature is a child of the human spirit. The answer that I think is more correct in this case is No. The reason for undermining the searching of a true answer and obsolesce the old answers we found in the past is sure to be not the creation, but the creator. You cannot say that couple of books search for answer and obsolesce themselfs.

It’s not the computer that is seeking answers, it’s not the books – it is the human spirit. The spirit is the one searching and finding scientific and other methods to find answers, about the world that surrounds us. It is really strange, but whenever the mind cannot find logical explanation of a problem, it can even go into mysticism to find answers for the subject of interest. And Yes it is the word beginning with S that is responsible – spirit – he is the one responsible for even inventing the science! With her help he hopes to find the answers he needs to satisfy his curiosity. But science is just an instrument, something that has no life in it! Something that we use and we try to make better and better. But for the instrument to become better you need to have the know how to make that. That know how we call science – but that is just also an instrument for achieving goals.

It is the human interest of a problem or a subject that drives the science. It is not possible something that is mainly a figure of speach to undermine and obsolesce itself. Seek the answer to the above question (as stupid as it is writen) in the human factor, not in the instrument. The instrument just does whatever the human decides. But what if the human, does not know how to work with the instrument or he needs a new one. He will have to learn, explore, find … it is stupid actually to question the shovel: Who broke your handle? And why are you in that shape? Who made you thatway?

Basicly there is two main possibilities – if the question that you seek is about matter – use science to solve it. And the function of the science to understand the laws of the universe and matter will answer you about the thing that you seek. Becouse both art and science are instruments, methods of finding truth in matterial and spiritual world. There for I believe that these methods, this forces actually harmonize and complete themselfs. The one cannot exists without the other. Sometimes the art is the reason that drives science forward. Jul Vern’s novels inspired a lot of scientists to actually find solutions of the problems that the writer describes. A century before the submarine, and the flights to the moon it was the spirit that give the idea.

If the problem consists in the spirit – ask the art to heal him. For thatis … becouse the spirit cannot be understand by matter, but only from another spirit and the material form of this understanding we call art. The most priceless possesion to an artist is not the matterial, but the spiritual form of a picture. The understanding of the spirit that he was able to find. The process of finding and searching is more important that the work itself. So you understand how art is actually another solution for something and how close and in the same time far are the two sides. Religion proofs for milleniums that she is not the right way of understanding and developing spirit. How many monks do you know fulfiling something that you know about? How many artists, painters and writters actually did something for the spirit? Religion is poison for the spirit of an individual. She makes him use already found answers. She does not provoke the searching of new answers. Its only satisfying the spirit with old answers.
That is something that happens also in science. There will always be someone against finding something new. Keep to the good old model. It works. Why should we change it? Why should we deny the oil usage. It has proven to be very efficiant – not exactly will science reply to that. And this is where economics mix with science and there is big mess going on.
That is something that happens in art. There are the old ways and they proof themselfs working. Why do we need something new in arts?

Changes always happen in a very difficult way, becouse there will always be some “smart” guy that will say: I’m against that. I don’t like things changing. Should I be the one saying the words: “O second just stop.” Faust. Nevermind that this “that” is logic and reason. Search not why science is undermining but who is undermining the science. And the answer will be: Probably all of us. I find myself in the strange situation of finding answers. Its my job to find answers and solutions. To think in a creative way. Knoledge is power. To know means to have the strenght to solve problems. The average worker does not think about how science will helps his life. Its too dificult for him even to accept the exsistence of his life… I see only one problem in science today … every year there is a discovery that makes radical change in the way we think about the world… are we adaptive enough to survive this fast and radical changes… we have to be. Noone actualy ask us if we can handle it. We have to. And in this “we have” there is a very sad truth. The modern human does not have enough bandwith to learn all the new things. Sciense is running way faster than us. And thats a problem … if an individual cannot understand the sciense and the world she is building you have one cripple individual. It is sad but true.