Does science by its very nature undermine its own search for answers and obsolesce itself? – No

Scientific knowledge is the only saviour for our human and other living condition and survival on earth, and a scientific perspective to life gives the correct and true meaning to our existence in this world. The ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ attached to the physical body is undeniable, as surely as there are unseen magnetic forces and radiation that prevails around us. Religious beliefs for a long time played the role of saviour for humans and his soul, but with the advent of science, it is obvious that religion is the impractical dreamer’s way out for his worldly troubles. Praying day and night is not going to bring food on the table, nor is blaming the Divine for the injustices, cruelty and sufferings we see around us going to help. Everyone is entitled to his own beliefs, and if it helps his soul cope with his worldly troubles, science will never stand in his way.

My ‘belief’ is that I am a chemical entity that is preprogrammed in my DNA-chemical make-up before being ‘born’, and then reprogrammed by evolutionary changes through personal,family, religious, societal, locational, current-state world condition to the point that my chemically-constituted brain can reach a certain conclusion.

Evolution and creationism are one and the same. We are chemical beings being created when chemicals ‘settled’ under ‘fixed-scientific-laws’ into planets, suns,the universe etc., and because ‘earth’ with its particular ‘condition’ is conducive to the formation of water (which can fill any shape or size it takes), the water then chemically bonds with other ‘matter’ in its vicinity (‘dead’ matter to be found abundantly in the universe), ‘life’ gradually
manifests itself on Earth. ‘Life’ is therefore a creation through chemical changes and evolution.

As for the existence of God: HE must have dictated the ‘fixed-scientific-laws’ which allows the formation of the universes and planets. Life’s destiny and purpose on earth must be similar to those of the ‘living’ water that forms and constitutes it. Humankind must therefore go with the flow and explore his surroundings, seek out every nook and corner to gain every inch of knowledge that he can find, and live life to its fullest, in his exciting and
lively blue planet.

I respect others’ beliefs and hope they will respect mine, because a scientific perspective by its very nature, is always a fair, balanced and practical one.