Dissociation as a Normal State of Mind

Thousands of people dissociate themselves from the bad things that happen to them. Whatever the thing is, it is only natural to want to wipe away the memory and pretend that it never even happened at all. While this may be seen to be “normal,” it is unnatural and unrealistic. It is not healthy to block out your problems or emotions.

Dissociation does not make the problem go away, and it will only end up making things worse. In order to have peace and happiness, you have to face what happened and confront it. Hiding from your problems is never the right answer. It only causes the problem to simmer inside you until it erupts like a dormant volcano woken up from a long nap.

The best thing to do is to deal with your problems and move on. To deal with tragedies and horrible things, you have to talk about them in order to get passed them. Whether these events happened during childhood or recently, they should never be suppressed or ignored. Ignoring your problems  will only leave you with a heavy burden and a large chip on your shoulder that will be very hard to hide.

If you believe in the teachings of Sigmond Freud, you can’t ever completely escape from reality since the cold hard truth is buried in your subconscious. Your subconscious is going to show up in your dreams and haunt you every night and will be triggered by things that remind of the thing that you want to disassociate from. Whether you believe in Freud or not, dissociation is never the right answer and will only leave you with emotional problems.

Good or bad, everything happens for a reason even if it doesn’t make sense to us now. We need to learn from it and take a lesson from life. It’s also best to turn a negative into a positive. You overcame an ordeal and are now all the more stronger for it. You now probably have a new outlook on life and can use that new outlook to make an impact in your life and in the lives of the people around you.

No matter how much you try to disassociate from the truth, the event or events did happen, and absolutely nothing is going to change the past. We all have things in our pasts that we want to disassociate from so you’re not alone. However, denial is not healthy and never makes things better. Association may be the abnormal state of mind in our society, but it is the right state of mind.