Dinosaursbirds Crocodilians Alan Feduccia – No

I do not agree that birds are dinosaurs because they do not have any common ancestor, as supported by many “evolutionary’ scientists, as well as some of  the contemporary illustrations of some of meat-eating dinosaurs that are popular in many recent books.  Although, they do have some characteristics in their body plan and behavior such as hollowed bones and clawed feet, dinosaurs have mostly reptilian design in their forms.  However, birds  crocodilians, and dinosaurs are different groups of animals that were made different from each other.

 Many evolutionists based their theories of “dinosaur-to-bird” steps based upon the fossilized skeletons. However, I do not agree that these skeletons helped to support the dinosaur-to-bird transition.  The crocodilians, a class of reptiles that include the alligators, crocodiles, caimans, and the gharial of India, have some characteristics that are similar to dinosaurs.  For instance, the crocodilian skull has some openings that help it to support the animal’s weight. In addition, they have a four-chambered heart in a similar fashion to warm-blooded animals such as birds and mammals. Like the crocodilians, many dinosaurs can replace their teeth if the old ones became damaged .  Finally, some crocodilian species have behaviors , which some scientists stated, as bird-like such as nest building and care of their young.

As to the current dinosaur theories that are presented in the scientific community, I do not agree that bird skeletons helped to support the evolutionary idea that many dinosaurs had feathers or transitioned to flying birds. Many  dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus rex and the sauropods had light-weighted skulls and bones, which  were used to support their weight, in a similar fashion to the crocodilians.   Many birds such as the woodpecker, hummingbird, and the robin have skeletons that fit their functions that were made for their survival. These flying birds have a sternum that helps them for flight.  On the other hand, the ostrich, rhea, and other large flightless birds do not have a wishbone in their skeleton; therefore they do not fly.  Birds, like the dinosaurs and the crocodilians make nests for their eggs.  As to the feathers of some dinosaur fossils, Dr. Alan Feduccia of the University of North Carolina stated that many of the “feathers” could be filaments that can be found on some modern day animals. 

Although I do enjoy many of the recent dinosaur findings, I do not agree that dinosaurs “evolved” into birds. The characteristics of their skeletons and other fossils evidence are similar to birds and crocodilians, but they do not support any transitional phase in evolution.  God  made them into different groups of animals, along with the birds and dinosaurs.