It might be possible within the future to clone those things that once lived upon or in the seas of our Earth. Even now some people are making an attempt to clone mastodons from the frozen bodies of such animals that were found in the Russian province of Siberia.

In order to do so some tissue must be available in which to obtain the DNA sequence for the genetic code that makes that creature what it is in its living physical form. Some claim that the dentine within the teeth of dinosaurs might provide the DNA necessary to accomplish that task. However, do we really want to bring those dinosaurs back to life within our modern World?

Could any of those creatures truly survive in a zoo or some such holding place where the viewing public can see such live examples of some of the largest living things that once walked upon the Earth? We have the technology available in which to see most of them as they were those millions of years ago. The people who make movies can easily bring those dinosaurs back to life to create all kinds of exciting movies for your viewing pleasure.

Does it really matter if we determine if dinosaurs could make sounds or protect their young or to simply study how they behaved or survived within an environment that is most certainly long gone? They truly aren’t circus animals to be kept in a cage and then made to do tricks in one of the rings of a three ring circus. As a matter of fact, it might be impossible to keep such animals alive long enough to reach the adult stage of life. I also wonder if those cloned dinosaurs will be able to reproduce their own kind.

Do they have any value as a source of food for Human Beings? It is true that snake meat does taste like the meat of a chicken. At the same time, you just can’t go out to the barnyard or the chicken coop and feed them. In spite of what we do know about dinosaurs do we really know how much space will be required to allow each of those animals to live as they did those millions of years ago?

In spite of those obvious drawbacks some educated people are doing their very best to bring some of those prehistoric creatures back to life. For those of you who don’t already know, the bones of a T-Rex were found that were not completely fossilized. That means that the marrow within some of the bones was still inside but truly hard. Well, one genius decided to hydrate that hardened marrow of the particular dinosaur and actual tissue was the end result. Wow! A real live T-Rex would be the result. Then again, paleontologists claim that such a creature did nothing but eat and make more of its kind.

You better believe that someone will successfully clone a dinosaur, if for no other reason than for just for the fun of it or the reward for being the first person to do so. You can also believe that the creature will be one heck of a movie star and probably win an academy award for doing just what comes naturally. From my point of view, to clone any kind of dinosaur is a truly stupid thing to do.