Differences in the Ways Men and Women Deal with Pain

Pain, such a trivial, yet powerful thing in life. Each person has their own of living with it. Gender has no part in how one feels pain. Yes females are more emotional, and most women will agree that because of things such as childbirth and menstrual cycles they are more inclined to be stronger towards physical pain. The reverse of that is that males are more inclined to stand against emotional pain because they show less emotion and are built to be strong, not emotional. Yet these conclusions are terribly biased in many ways.
Some women are raised as men are, and therefore learn to hold in all their emotions, being cold towards others. Some men are raised around sensitive females, or maybe even sensitive males, causing them to be visibly weaker in emotions.
Ones physical domain of pain has more to do with the lifestyle that has been lived. A woman of small build can take the force of a rather large mans fist if she has been hit by a force that is equal to that before. Yet a man of large stature can crumble under the fist of a very small female. So physical pain is based on past experiences, not gender, or physical differences.
Mental pain is another story. Unless someone is able to completely block out the world, they are going to be effected by mental abuses. The ego is a trait all humans, male and female, share. A blow to the go will cause the same amount of damage. The only person it will not damage as much is one who has built thick walls around themselves, which ends up causing an inner turmoil, which maybe worse than the mental abuse itself.
Then we have spiritual pain. Men and women alike can both have their hearts broken, their dreams torn away, their loved ones taken from them, their lives shattered. Unless they don’t have a soul, every person is going to be hurt by these things. Just because a woman shows it more does not mean a man feels it any less. There is no proof that men don’t have emotions. They are simply raised to be “men” and if they show emotions then they feel they may be shunned by other so called “men”. Emotions are like fashion, it all has to appear a certain way, without ever actually being that way.
In summary, gender has never been, and never will be, a determining factor in how males or females feel pain. Pain is caused by so many things, and how human beings feel it is determined by how they see it. How they’ve learned to show pain is a different story and may very well be controlled by gender.