Determining whether its necessary for Man to go to Mars

Many may see that it is necessary for man to go to Mars because we hope for a place to live after we destroy planet earth. To determine if it is really necessary, we need to face some realities. If it were necessary, the energy crisis would probably stop the project anyway. The way we are going, there will not be enough energy for the increasing number of automobiles and planes in use now. Our economic situation does not seem to be adequate for a project of such little use.

Many say it is necessary that we know the origins of earth and the universe. We hope that if we knew where we came from, we would know what to expect in the future and we could plan ahead and save us. Many holy books give an account of our creation, backed up by science, but others do not want to consider that possibility, so they pour money into space projects.

Others say there are great science experiments that we can perform that might lead to medical breakthroughs. That argument falls apart when you consider that many books are written about the health benefits of herbs and plants to overcome disease. Even AIDS has an herb cure, but science wants something they can make money from. St. John’s Wort is a plant that is reported to cure AIDS when the whole plant is used and not just the active ingredient.

The Bible and other holy writing mention that Solomon and Abraham were given the uses of plants and herbs for health; that the knowledge was taken to Egypt and other places. The Chinese and people of India have books; one is 52 volumes of herb formulas for disease. If we really wanted to find medical breakthroughs, we do not even have to go looking for them in the rain forest, there are many around us.

The solution to care for our planet is in realizing that employment is not the goal. Retirement in a garden paradise we can easily build here and now is a goal and solution to the destruction that is happening on our planet. Choosing greenery that produces food, and pets that give milk and eggs gives us a beauty and prosperity that can continue through the ages. It is only the polluting ways we have been going that have made us think of finding someplace suitable to live away from the planet earth. It is not necessary to go to Mars; we only need to stop polluting and start growing our garden paradise.