Determine the best Sources of Energy for the Future

First, what has to be determined is when does the future truly begin? Most would say that the future began with the turn of the century into the 21st. It appears not much has changed and we are still using coal-based fuels for energy and at the same time, scientists are looking at ways of using other sources for energy. Nuclear and solar are two types of energy that are being used in ways that were considered mostly science fiction many years ago.

This writer is a layman when it comes to understanding the different kind of energy sources and how each can be used efficiently in the future, whenever the future is truly here. It can be seen that the future itself is already here and that the few sources of energy, which include nuclear, solar, oil, gas and coal, are already being used in their own sort of way.

However, if we are not careful as a collective group called humanity, we might find ourselves back in the Dark Ages rather than moving forward. What is neat, though, is that there are some ideas of alternative energy sources that we see in the movies. Take Star Trek for example. The Enterprise Starship as well as other ships in the fleet use what are called Dylithium Crystals for their source of energy to move in warp speed. Would it not be interesting if such a source of energy is available and that we can move starships for real through space at such speeds?

Anyway, back to earth now. We have a mission as humans to utilize our natural resources in a way that will not damage the earth and its atmosphere. For many years, it was said that we were destroying our ozone layer which kept the harmful rays from the sun from getting to the surface. By overindustrializing and sending harmful chemicals into the air, we were opening a hole in our ozone layer, and this was harming the earth, supposedly. But what was discovered was that naturally the ozone layer would repair itself and the holes that were being made were closing up again. So, again, using such resources as clean nuclear power for forms of energy other than bombs would certainly help the earth survive a bit longer.

Utilizing solar power from the sun is also a clean source of energy and what is said is that it cheaper to use than nuclear power. Whatever the cost of energies used, it is important to make sure that the forms used are not detrimental to the survival of the earth. Our children and grandchildren and their children certainly depend on our utilizing the right forms of energy so that we do not destroy this earth before the have a chance to enjoy it.