Curiosity Sends Awe Inspiring Pictures of Phobos Eclipse on Mars

The Mars Curiosity Rover from NASA continues to be nothing short of a masterful success as it has once again provided yet another “first time ever” image from the “Red Planet” known as Mars. Rover has sent a truly astonishing photograph of an eclipse of the sun from the barren wastelands of the universe’s favourite “horror film” planet. In the picture, Rover reveals that a moon has taken a chunk out of the sun as it passes by in its eclipse. The moon however is not Earth’s moon as originally suspected; it is in-fact one of Mars’ two moons in its orbit, Phobos, “The Daily Mail”   reports.

Rover has proved to be one of NASA’s most successful missions of all time. In a scenario that was eerily familiar to the “Moon Landing”, “Curiosity” landed on the red planet and immediately began its exciting exploration of the universe’s most elusive and most questioned planet. Mars already boasts the largest mountainous volcano in the entire solar system with “Olympus Mons”  , as well as eerie remnants of “what could have been”. This is in reference to the fact that a recent orbiting craft around Mars has, for the first time ever, seen snowflakes falling on the surface   of the Red Planet after it was previously thought that snow and dry ice had been seen as recent as 2008. This confirms previous reports from Rover that water may have once been homed on the barren wastes of Mars.

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover   spent 36 weeks in space on its journey to Mars before finally landing on August 6th, 2012, to a universal ovation. In an unexpected success story, Rover actually cheated gravity and defied the odds and actually landed on target at the foot of a mountain inside the “Gale Crater”. Such an accomplishment really does showcase the true brain power behind the men and women working at NASA today, as well as the true power of modern space exploration technology such as Rover.

With the rise of social media technology, the Rover team tweet every single day giving global, real-time updates about Rover’s travels and answering questions, as well as giving facts about its exploration so far. Anyone looking for real-time updates from the world’s most famous explorer today should certainly follow him on Twitter @MarsCuriosity  . The success of his social media page really makes people wonder, what if social media was around at the time of the moon landing many years ago?

In arguably one of the most successful space exploration missions in all of history, curiosity continues to change the way people see the “Red Planet” and he continues to uncover never-before-seen facts and deliver some of the most beautiful and truly awe inspiring pictures that have ever been seen. The mission is nothing short of a masterpiece and considering Rover has already sent pictures of Mars’ surface as well as pictures of a Phobos eclipse of the sun, there really seems to be no limits in regards to its success and the world eagerly awaits more photographs of seemingly surreal events from the world’s most famous space explorer, Curiosity.