Criticism Cope with Criticism

Cope with criticism

It is annoying to receive criticism, especially from people you care about. It somehow affects your own view of yourself and self-worth. True, criticism stings but instead of looking at it as an offense, an injustice, view criticism as a loving way of setting things in order and properly or correcting your faults. I usually receive criticism for my writing, criticisms from people I care about tell me of my writing mistakes, grammatical errors and other things. Like my best-friend, my cousin, my sister, my husband, and my kids.

Instead of being offended, I try to overlook at the stingy words and focus on improving my writing technique and my vocabulary. I learn from my mistakes, and I usually thank those people who point me of the wrongs I’m committing especially in my writing. Understandably, committing mistakes is inevitable. No matter how careful one try to be and avoid committing a mistake or faults, imperfection is part of our being human.

They say “experience is a good teacher”, and I agree. It is from these experiences that I have learned of my lessons and been able to grow. Same with life’s lessons, it is from experiencing the consequence of a wrong committed you’ll learn your lesson. I realize that whatever mistakes I’ve committed I have the rest of my life to correct it.

Granted, being human as we are, we find it difficult to focus on people’s good side. Instead we most likely well upon their mistake or faults. We tend to criticize and speak tactlessly of most people’s actions except ours. This is the time to meditate, and reflect on your personality. How do you correct a person’s mistake? Or how should you react to criticism?  Yell like some lunatic and refuses to listen to one another? Or you take time to sit and talk seriously about it, listen and wisely choose your words. Absorb what the other person is saying, see the good in what he/she is trying to convey.

It is best to focus not on how the criticism was delivered but what was the point and essence of his/her criticism. Put your self in the other person’s shoes, what if you’re the one giving the correction or counseling. Is it easier for you to give that criticism as well? Which is easier, giving your honest opinion which you know could hurt the recipient or being the receiver of criticism? Both situations are difficult.

Criticisms are not made to destroy you. It is a type of counseling. Although some people may have malicious intent and intentionally just wanted to hurt you with harsh words, it will still be wise not to overreact. Focus, absorb and reflect at the important points of his/her criticism. If there was none, discard what he/she just said. Forget about it… continue your growth and accumulating the lessons.