There are two kinds of family crime. One kind is that group of people who we all know as “The Mafia.” That other group of crime committing families is, in fact, a direct blood related family.

Then again, there are many areas within our “Laws of the Land” that do not precisely define what could be a crime. People who distill moonshine liquor believe to this day that they have every right to do so, just as their Fathers did and the Fathers of their Fathers.

Believe it or not, George Washington owned and operated the largest distillery in the United States of America, both with and without a license to do so. You see, George Washington paid the newly created liquor tax and those other moonshiners objected and didn’t pay the tax.

That event caused the first armed conflict between American Citizens and the armies of our Government. So now there are a whole lot of families who still produce what is now illegal liquor because they don’t have a license nor do they pay any taxes of consequence from the sale of that moonshine. As long as booze is made someone will drink it.

The same is true for illegal drugs, car theft rings, pornography, prostitution and any other vice that you can think of. The family members all work together to accomplish a desired result, just like the times of the 1930’s when it was illegal to make and sell certain beverages whose alcohol content exceeded 2 percent.

In so doing they have caused the loss of billions of dollars and caused an unknown amount of grief, injury, death and suffering to those who wish to live an honest life. The high cost for any kind of insurance is the result of their criminal activities. Each of us pays the cost to restore the life and the property of those of us who became victims of such criminal behavior. Such is the case where families live in a place where honest work cannot be found by an income earning family member or that person lost its job and the whole family is about to starve to death. To them, committing a crime doesn’t seem to be that bad.

In an economy where hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost forever each month you better believe that more and more families will become criminals, just because they have no other way to remain alive. There are hardcore criminal families within our Country. The only responsible way to reduce such criminal activity is to provide honest employment to all who require such work. It is my belief and opinion that the loss of our jobs to Foreigners within Foreign Countries is also a crime.

Up to now, I’m not aware of any law that prevents such criminal behavior on the part of our largest multinational corporations. The owners and the controllers of those companies are the true cause of our economic depression. Just how greedy can a person be? Ask George Washington. He and his wife were the richest people in the Country that we now know as the United States of America.