Crime as a Family Occupation

I guess doing the crime, and doing the time doesn’t mean a thing, if you don’t have that bling? Hmm!

These days people are being more creative with their ideas for keeping their kids clothed. They are even helping them get into the family business of stealing; too bad that they have to see life be damaged by hard times, foreclosures, and job losses.

We need rules!

On GMA (Good Morning America) they did a story about parents shopping, but not with money. They are spearheading their kids into the act of stealing. Perhaps, they are mad because they see corporate America steal from the tax payers with such big ticket items such as jets for the corporate leaders. I don’t think that is why they are stealing but it is very sad when it comes down to such tactics to survive.

Monkey see, monkey do!

Parents aren’t teaching their kids right by asking them to steal. Wearing a backpack to get clothes, and food- I don’t know how these parents teaching them bad morals of stealing occurred, but it is very sad! You can get help!

Food banks, Salvation Army, churches, and perhaps friends that want to help or your Uncle Buck. If you find that it is a problem that money isn’t there look at the tactics of finding jobs tacked on a bulletin board at church or at a grocery store. Heck, ask someone to help you by volunteering with the food banks, or another volunteer organization. Go to your minister, rabbi, or priest to look for direction.


The only kind of stealing I would allow is at a baseball or softball game. Get back into the game of life by following the rules. Morals are everything that you can teach a kid. You don’t need money for that. My mom was brought up in a home that wasn’t the richest family but at least they learned to work together as a family. They made their own clothes, and in fact they even recycled their clothes when green wasn’t in. They used old clothes, and made blankets, and quilts with them. They made being with family a happy time.


Don’t blame your nasty habit of stealing on the economy. You are the one in the drivers seat. Take control of the wheel and ride. If that means getting help, then get it. If that means find a good church then do it! Change your attitude, and help others the right way. That store owner is having a tough time as it is. Don’t put him out of business sooner. He has a family that he needs to keep food on the table for. You do too but find it responsibly because your child needs a stable person in his or her life right now. He doesn’t need his parent in jail or they don’t need to be in jail or juvenile hall!