Could Time Travel be possible in the Future

With such a general question, the answer is an obvious yes. Time travel is physically possible, at least as far as we understand physics right now, so there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be possible in the future. A more reasonable question is “Will humans ever achieve the capability to send matter back in time?”

The reason “back in time” is specified is because time travel to the future is possible now. Everyone, everywhere, is traveling into the future all the time simply because the “arrow of time” points in the direction we call “the future.” It is also well within established laws of physics to slow down the passage of time, relative to the rest of the universe, by increasing the speed of matter. In other words, the faster you go, the slower time seems to pass for you. All we need to do to effect such forward time travel is devise a technology that provides enough acceleration to a space ship to make such time-travel effects (called relativistic time dilation) noticeable.

Traveling back in time is trickier, but is still potentially within the realm of modern physics. Various methods include traveling faster than light (which would allow you to arrive at your location of departure before you left it, i.e. travel back in time), wormhole technology combined with the above mentioned relativistic time dilation (make a wormhole, drag one end of the hole really fast so that time slows down for it relative to the other hole, and voila you’ve got a passage through space that also drops you into an earlier time, albeit one no earlier than when the wormhole was created), and perhaps others that I do not at all understand.