Could there be a Basic Particle – Yes

Could there be a basic particle? Overview of space and time. The four pertinent aspects of space and creation:

(1) Spinning infinite empty space. (2) Zero center of Particle creation vortex. (3) Chaos & Universe formation zone. (4) Infinite outer space.

Time is the movement of matter in space. Following are the scientific and mathematical explanations of how the basic particles of matter are created.

Math is easy and logical – using the same principle as the following example: Transposition of an equation: (8 / 2 = 4) – ( 8 = 4 x 2).

(F/ I = 0). Finite divided by Infinity equals Zero. Transposing: (F = 0 x I). Finite equals Zero multiplied by Infinity. This formula states mathematically how the basic particles of matter are created.

It would be impossible for “Infinite empty space” to be perfectly spherical. Time changed the relativity of space. Time and the imbalance caused “Infinite empty space” to start spinning with a center vortex – as a whirlpool or hurricane.

There would be nothing to keep “Infinite empty space” from increasing in speed. When “Infinite empty space” reaches infinite speed, it is reduced to zero in the center of the “Particle creation vortex”. Basic particle of matter is spinning – as it is created – and is hurdled outward at infinite speed – into the “Chaos & Universe formation zone”.

Vacuum in the zero center of the “Particle creation vortex” is simultaneously removed. “Infinite empty space” instantly rebounds outward to infinite space – to start another cycle of creating another basic particle of matter.

Gravitational force is caused by the “spinning of the angular momentum of mass” creating an inward centripetal vacuum – as the zero center eye of a whirlpool, hurricane or Black Hole – pulls objects toward the center. You cannot see the magnetic or gravitational forces of the Earth – but they are there.

Gravity is simply the inward centripetal vacuum. Magnetic force of the Earth is a by-product of the gravitational force created by the spinning of Earth’s inner cores. This interaction creates what scientists call a “hydromagnetic dynamo” – something like an electric motor that results in the magnetic field that surrounds our planet. This “magnetosphere” helps to protect the Earth from harmful radiation as from sunflares from the Sun.

All objects spin – even sub-atomic particles. Their relativity to density and rate of spin of the Earth’s cores is infinitesimal. At a certain distance from the Earth, astronauts attain weightlessness – as centripetal and centrifugal forces counter-balance each other. Past that distance – neither force is of much essence – so weightlessness would still be in effect.

Centripetal and centrifugal forces counter-balance each other – to provide stability in the Universe. The extreme outside of a whirpool, hurricane or Black Hole throws objects outward – due to centrifugal force. Anti-gravity is simply the centrifugal outward force.

Again, transposing the equation: (F/0 = I). Finite divided by Zero equals Infinity. Space goes infinitely inward as well as infinitely outward. It would take eons of time before any two basic particles of matter came close enough together for the gravitational force of spinning to cause them to be drawn together.

It is mathematically impossible – that in the Chaos & Universe formation zone – as well as all other space that: All mass: atoms, planets, stars, galaxies, etc. – are not rotating and moving through space.

All matter in outer and inner space is spinning and causes gravitational forces to be exerted on all other matter.

Even if two spheres were the same size, as they came close together, their spins would become integrated to form a larger sphere and their mass would combine.

The force of gravity would progressively increase – as a larger sphere pulled a smaller sphere into its gravitational spin.

At some point in Eternity Past, one sphere became larger than all other spheres and progressively pulled all other spheres into its gravitational force. Author terms this the “Super Sphere”. Through untold eons of time, this “Super Sphere” was pulled by its gravitational force to absolute zero to explode in the configuration of a magnetic swirl. Author terms this the “Exploding Gravity-Controlled Swirl”.

Imagine two whirlpools of water coming together with the force of gravity pulling them into a fissure (toward the center of the Earth).

The spinning force would become greater than either of the single whirlpools.

As gravity pulled the spheres together, other gravitational forces would be negligible.

Gravity would continually pull inward – even though atoms are hitting against each other – trying to explode.

Combining with another sphere would change the rotation and movement – according to their relative masses, rotations and angles of impact.

For the sphere’s rotation and movement to be nullified, all of the following factors would have to occur simultaneously:

Two spheres would have to be exactly the same mass, and moving toward each other at the same speed.

The two spheres would have to be on the same three-dimensional plane – but coming from exactly opposite directions.

The two spheres would have to be spinning at the same speed – but in exactly opposite directions.

The two spheres would have to hit dead center.

Even if all of these factors were true for a brief moment – which it could not be – the gravitational pull of other spheres would cause these factors to be immediately nullified.

Logic dictates that it is mathematically impossible for the above factors to occur simultaneously.

After immeasurable eons of time, galaxies and universes are formed. The “Chaos and Universe Creation zone” are expanding into “Infinite outer space”. Author states: “Time is space with matter in motion.

The “Exploding Gravity-Controlled Swirl” placed all stars, and mass in relation to the center of the Super Sphere (our Universe) – which brought order into our Universe. Knowledge is the relation of one object to another object.

After the “Exploding Gravity-Controlled Swirl” – light from the stars shone into the zero center of the Super Sphere and formed the mass of stardust. After untold eons of time, Earth gathered enough mass of stardust for gravitational forces to pull it into orbit around the Sun.

Life on Earth is possible because of infinite interactions – including the relation of the stars and Sun to the Earth.

The “Chaos & Universe formation zone” – includes particles spinning randomly in Chaos. A universe may have trillions of galaxies – some 100,000 light-years across – containing trillions of stars. “Infinite outer space” has no end.

The basic particles of matter were always being created in Eternity Past without beginning. Therefore, Time and the Universe are ageless and always existed. There must be untold trillions of parallel universes. “Infinite outer space” has no end to the number of Universes that can and will be formed.

How can there be a (Spinning inner infinite space) and a (Infinite outer space)? (I – F = I). Infinity minus Finite equals Infinity. Universe formation zone is finite – even though it may be trillions of light-years across. (F / I = 0). Finite divided by Infinity equals Zero. Relativity of Universe formation zone to Infinity is Zero.

Theoretical size of basic particle of matter:

Superstring theory proposes that everything in the universe is made of strings so small that one billion trillion trillion (10 to the 33rd.) of them laid end to end – would be .119 inches long.

Author’s designation for the basic particle of matter is the (0 x I) sphere. The (Zero multiplied by Infinity) sphere is – theoretically the size of one of the superstrings. All mass consists of spheres – not strings.

Further progression of the spheres was for the force of gravitation to pull all spheres or mass together to a point in space that some scientists have erroneously called the “Big Bang”.

The proper term should be: Exploding Gravity – Controlled Swirl. Light and order came into the Universe at that time.

To say: I see the light means that you understand. To be in the dark – I hope you’re not.

This was the beginning of Order or Reason or Recorded Time – as we know it. Knowledge is the relation of one object to another object.

Our Universe was in perfect order at the point of first release – when all matter was in relation to the center of the Super Sphere (our Universe).

According to scientific estimation – the time from this release of infinite energy – to the present time – was about 15 billion years ago.