Community Togetherness

“No man is an island,” the famous quote referring that people need each other. People need someone to talk to, someone to be with. People need someone to enhance and support their talents and skills. That is why there is what you call the community. It’s a place where anyone can belong. It’s a place where anyone can be comfortable with and understand each other.  It’s a place where anyone can accept you who you are.

The term community is derived from an Old French word communite, which means cum, with/together + munus, “gift.” The definition as a whole means a fellowship or organized society. It’s a group of people interacting that has common values, common goals and common norms. These people are living in a common geographical location.

Community is important because it plays a very important role in each of everyone living in it. It builds on who they want to be or how they want to live their lives. Here are more concrete reasons why community is important:

Sense of togetherness- When one human being is alone and he may not have someone to talk to or someone to be with he starts to look for that someone, it maybe friends or a girlfriend. He may either find opposites or has the same interests as his. Human beings need each other. They depend on each other, needs tender, love and care. When people were young, they were already taken care of a lot of people. It’s the parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents and the extended family are considered as community. Who are these people? These people are the ones who need togetherness. People in the community celebrate it by social gatherings such as parties, fiestas and festivals.

Division of Work- The community needs to be alive so the people living in it must have jobs, and these jobs must depend on what is their role with different people. For instance in order to have a house you need a carpenter,or if you want to look beautiful or clean you need a barber or stylist, vendors for your basic needs such as meat, fish, vegetables, clothes and others. There is a division of work so that lives would not that be difficult. These individuals are in a community and each one needs them.

Cooperation- A community is considered to be in a close location so they need to help each other in terms of calamities such as fire, flood, earthquake, storms, and hurricanes. There are no other ways that they’ll be needing help but the people around them. In times like this true neighbors help without rewards.

Feeling of Association- isn’t a good feeling that there are people around that keep you safe because you know that they are there for you. Community will establish peace and harmony. If there is no association then there would be no chaos and disharmony.