The world is full of mystery and intrigue. One of the most amazing to me is the coincidence. We often find it has nothing more than an odd event but could it be more? Could it not be an act of psychic connection or even awareness? I want to take this article and really look at some of these strange coincidences and just how they could fall into paranormal categories.

Webster’s Pocket Dictionary defines coincidence has two events happening at the same time by accident but appearing to have some connection. Not to complicated but in a sense beyond that definition that term is filled with endless possibilities. To many cases seem to exist that go beyond simple coincidence. Now you are thinking of your old high school friend and suddenly they call you up. One could assume that to be a general coincidence but some might look at it has a psychic connection between the two people. Perhaps the thought of the person was what triggered them to call you in the first place. What about when you get in your car and get ready to head out on the street but something tells you to wait a second and then you see a large truck go off the road and hit another car? That could have been you. Was that a coincidence or did you have a pregocnitive vision or alerting that kept you from making that trip?

Let’s move on to some of the cases that really defy the typical coincidence. In 1898 Morgan Robertson published a novel about pride, greed and stupidity, a subject that is rampant in today’s society. The work “The Wreck of the Titan”. he work describes the maiden voyage of the Titan, a transatlantic luxury liner. The ship hits an iceberg and sinks. Right now you should be making the connection I made when I first read this. It seems to describe the Titanic which happened in 1912, years after the novel made it’s appearance.

The similarities do not end there. Here is a list of similarities The Titan and Titanic wrecked in April Titanic had 2,207 passengers while Titan had 3,000 The Titan had 24 lifeboats while Titanic had 20 Both had only three propellers both were going at the very same speeds, give or take 2 or 3 knots.Could this have been merely a coincidence or did the Wreck of the Titan predict to a very close range the fate of the Titanic? We could look at this as simply coincidence but it seems so much more. It perhaps is an example of someone predicting the future without ever knowing they had done so.

Moving on to a story that has always fascinated me. In 1858 Robert Fallon was playing a game of poker with some strangers he had met. Fallon was doing rather well for himself and this angered the other men. They quickly accused him of cheating at the card game. He was shot dead on the spot. His winnings totaled $600. Money owned by a dead man was thought to be unlucky so neither of the others at the table wanted to just take it so they decided the first man passing by would take the fallen players place and play his hands. They were very sure they would soon win the money back. By the time authorities had arrived the new player turned the $600 into $2.200. The police demanded the original $600 to pass on to Fallon’s next of kin. The young stranger than provided proof that he himself was in fact the son of the dead poker player. He had not seen his father in seven years. Did the son come home to see his father or had he somehow known his dad was dead and he would be needed to avenge the death in some way? Is this an example of a coincidence or are we looking at true psychic awareness that goes far beyond the term coincidence? Let’s go a little further.

Let’s look at the story referred to has the duelist. This story was featured in a variety of publications and was verified by several witnesses. henri Tragne, of Marseille France was a notorious duelist. Not because he was a perfect shot or even because he was good, but because how his duels turned out. He fought 5 duels between 1861 and 1878. In his first four duels all four men fell dead before a single shot had been fired and in his fifth duel Henri himself fell dead prior top shots being fired. Coincidence, maybe. This could very well be nothing more then a case of bad hearts at good times, well except for Henri himself when he fell dead. Maybe we are looking at something more. Could the will of Henri Tragne been enough to kill his opponents but fear enough to take him out during his final bout.

The strangest coincidence I have come across is that of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. This could be a coincidence run amuck or we could be looking at a genuine case of reincarnation. I will let you decide. Lincoln was elected in 1860, 100 years later Kennedy is elected in 1960 Both men were deeply involved in civil rights for African Americans Both were killed on a Friday in the presence of their wives Each had lost a son while living at the white house Lincoln was killed in Ford’s Theater, Kennedy in a Licoln Convertible made by the Ford company Both were succeeded by southern democratic former seneters named Johnson Andrew Johnson born 1808, 100 years later Lyndon Johnson is born in 1908 Lincoln’s private secretary’s first name was John, Kennedy’s private secretary’s last name was Lincoln John Wilkes Booth was born 1808, Lee Harvey Oswalk was born 1908, 100 years later Both assassins were southern extremist Both assassins were murdered before being brought to trial Booth fled to a barn after shooting Lincoln in a theater, Oswald fled to a theater after shooting Kennedy Lincoln and Kennedy have seven letters Andrew Johnson and Lyndon Johnson each have 13 letters John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald each have 15 letters

Now perhaps we can see some of these has obvious coinicidence. But, can we view them all that way? Maybe this is in fact an example of reincarnation.

I hope you now have a new outlook on coincidence and it’s effect. Next time you experience one question it! Happy Hunting.