Climate Change

I think everyone is still shouting and pointing after Copenhagen’s apparent “failure”…

Referring loosely to a city, and knowing that the true meaning of a seemingly innocuous word wont be lost on its readers as to what it actually refers to, reflects well what the summit did, and should be a positive focus for inhabitants of this earth who might be remembering it, as the media attention fades again.  Yes, perhaps an agreement – the agreement – that we all hoped for wasnt actually penned, but a dialogue has been created.  While i say “i think” everyone is still shouting and pointing, i havent noticed much of a clear sign that anyone (particularly the self righteous?) is still concerned.  It seems that its easier to blame politicians, tell governments and world leaders they’ve failed us, and go about our lives as we’ve been used to them since the industrial, consumer age began, and wait for disaster to strike in 2012.

What can we do about it anyway?  (Did i just hear you thinking that?) See, the fact of the matter is, somewhere along the line, someone saw it fit to exploit us.  Someone.  Somewhere.  Amongst us, and amongst them.  And all of a sudden, an imperfect being, with a weakness for temptation perhaps (call our desire for material possessions or our need to consume, whatever you will) has created a market, and found itself driving the destruction of the earth.  – Not only in 2009 or 10, but since we started to outstrip our home, faster than it could show thanks for the good things that we do.  When we remember to.

Irresponsible consumption has contributed most to our climate’s warming.  – Consumption that has driven unsustainable growth, spewed carbon dioxide (and other manner of poisonous gases) into the air, polluted our waterways and seen landfill from a plethora of means and wastes grow at almost unfathomable levels – especially in the last few decades.  While Copenhagen (or ‘World’ as it should now be called, now that it is the responsibility of all of us here) might set targets for the industries creating and contributing to our wants and desires, surely changing our lifestyles to more sustainable means will have a similar – or even far greater – positive effect?

Responsible consumption will mean less waste, less energy used, less pollution created, more efficient use of resources, better support of local initiatives and communal living and above all, a smaller footprint on what is more and more becoming a fragile earth.  With more support,  what is being touted as a more expensive way of living, may soon become a cheaper lifestyle, should support within the general population be shown.

Were it possible for governments and world leaders to cry foul and point scapegoat-seeking fingers (like the apparent millions disappointed by the climate talks) at the general public, im sure they would.  Its time everyone pulled their heads in.  Its time we all had a look at our patterns of consumption and the choices we are making when it comes to our home here on earth.  While the facts may continue to rally more interest and support for those concerned about our changing climate’s effect on the earth, we must all take action, shift our thinking and consume responsibly hereafter.  The focus need only be on solutions, not problems.  – What use is shaming all our leaders if we can’t show that we are all willing to act?