Climate Change and Water Crisis

Climate change and Water Crisis. The question that many are posing is whether or not the water crisis is a result of the climate change.

For a few years now scientists and politicians have in turn warned us of the ” Greenhouse effect ” and the catastrophically results this could have on our climate and our water reserves. But is there really a correlation? Is Global Warming causing the water shortage? What are we to expect in the near future? Before I answer, let me explain what Climate Change is. By releasing more gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide and methane, we are creating a sort of barrier. Sunrays that would normally be reflected back into space are now trapped within our atmosphere, hence the Earth is heating up. A change in temperature affects eco-systems in a major way and as a results the vegetation is changing. Desertification will also become more wide spread and could result in population being forced to migrate to more fertile regions. Climate Change is also changing seasons patters and extremes weather are becoming common. You only have to look at Australia to realise that Global Warming has become a threat to our way of life. Australia is the driest continent on Earth and it is becoming drier.

Agriculture as a result has suffered greatly, rice exports have been poor over the last few years and wheat crops have suffered from the droughts. Water rationing has now become a part of daily Australian life.
And the problem is spreading to the United States as well. The State of California is facing a water crisis, drought is followed by torrential rains that the parched earth cannot absorb fast enough. Water preservation has become a top priority on the Federal Government agenda. Global Warming is making California die of thirst, and it is killing the agriculture.

And the same scenario is repeating itself all over the Globe. The UK are more than ever under flood threat due to the rise in sea level. Huge agricultural land is in jeapordy as a result. Farmers are suffering from the change in weather patters which affect their crops.

Ethiopia is litterally turning into a desert. Governments in the Middle East are holding emergency talks on the question of Water. Yemen is the most staggering example of the water crisis. A study shows that in a matter of 15 years all the available water will have dried up and the only solution left would be for the population to move.

If a solution is not found quickly. Between the rise in temperature, the increase in the World population and the lack of water our future on the Blue Planet seems pretty grim. Many have predicted that social unrest and wars could be next on the list of the global Warming effects.