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Citrus Greening also known as Huanglongbing is a very serious citrus disease. There are three types of Citrus Disease and these are.

1) Asian

2) African

3) and, Brazilian

It is more commonly spread in the Saudi Arabian Peninsula, Asia and Africa. Even worse, in 2005 the bacterial disease was identified for the first time in the United States in South Florida. Huanglongbing attacks the vascular system of plants and once the plants are infected there are no cures to aid in slowing or stopping the disease and the ares of the tree in which it is embedded produces bitter and inedible fruit then dies.

Citrus Green is transferred by two types of psyllids which are small insects that can cause direct plant damage causing the plant to curl and wither. It can also be transferred by cross contamination and the mishandling of infected plants. This disease cannot be transferred by way of animal, human, machine wind or rain. There are plants that are more common than others to hosting the psyllids as well as the disease. For a listing of these plants in particular visit

The Asian type of Citrus Green is transmitted by the Asian Citrus Psyllid which was first found in Delray Beach, Florida. Even though, there were no signs of the disease to be found. With the large growth of citrus fruits and other common hosts, a quarantine would fail and the disease would be established.

To keep a watchful eye of the growing threat, Florida and the USDA (United Stated Department of Agriculture) conducts yearly surveys. These surveys, although common were intensified once the Asian Psyllid was discovered. These surveys targeted communities where the majority of it’s residents were from countries of Huanglongbing origin.

The challenges of maintaining Green Citrus are,

1) limited information concerning host range.

2) only way disease is detected is when the hosts start to die out.

3) disease can be transmitted to healthy plants because of timely developed symptoms.

4) amount of pesticides necessary to kill off the psyllids are economically and enviromentally challenging.

All Citrus Green host plants are being regulated to areas under quarantine and connot be removed except by a nursery. The nursery must have a signed compliance agreement with the state and must stick to strict treatment guidelines.

Ways The Public Can Help In This Matter?

A) Purchase only certified plants from nurseries that are registered.

B) When returning home do not bring fruit, plants or exotic animals with you.

C) Consider planting fruit trees other than citrus.