Christmas 2009 Hottest new Chemistry Books for Kids

Christmas 2009 is more than about about snow and Santa. For some families, it’s about science! Not every kid wants dolls and trucks for Christmas and for some parents, finding the right present for their budding mad scientists can be precarious! For those brainy kids interested in atoms and molecules, a chemistry book may be the perfect gift.  Here is a list of possible options:

Matter: Its Properties and Its Changes  by DeRosa and Reeves  (New Leaf Publishing, 2009)

This Investigate the Possibilities series installment presents elementary chemistry in a great way.  The book is colorful and well written.  Learning about chemical properties and physical changes has never been so fun!  Students learn the “why and how” about water, bubbles, colors, salts and the Periodic Table of the Elements. With twenty experiments and an observation journal this book really makes learning chemistry an exciting experience.  For ages 9 to 12.

The Adventures of Adam the Atom by Casey Waid (Tate Publishing, 2009)

This 24 page book is a great find for those kids, who want an entertaining tale about how atoms work.  This colorful book introduces kids to Adam, an atom on a quest to become noble.  Atom has to learn some things along the way and as he learns so do the readers.  This book is also an eLIVE book, which provides for free downloads of an audio version of the book.   For Ages 9 years to 12.

The Day-Glo Brothers by Barton and Persiani (Charles Bridge Publishing, 2009)

Before 1935, fluorescent colors did not exist. Then magician Joe Switzer and his brother Robert worked to spruce up Joe’s magic act and abracadabra!  The science of florescence was advanced.  This clever book is an entertaining blend of science history and scientific process. While it does not explain other aspects of science, it does show how ordinary people find solutions through the use of science. For ages 9 to 12.

SMARTLAB: Secret Formula Lab by Johnstone and Levine (Smartlab, 2009)

This paperback book offers so much more than light reading.  Fully illustrated, this book teaches how to use common kitchen items in making extraordinary things, including glow in the dark slime.  The book offers up to 15 recipes/experiments which introduce kids to basic and safe chemistry.  Ages 9 years to 12.

There are other books for kids that highlight an aspect of science, such as Time For Kids: 2009 Almanac.  In this volume, the respected magazine compiles news about different subjects, including Chemistry. 

There are also a number of books that teach chemistry that are old editions, but clearly wonderful books for young scientist.  These books include Robert Brent’s The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments,  and  Rebecca Keller’s Real Science 4 Kids: Chemistry Pre-Level. With these interesting selections, kids learn about atoms, chemical reactions, and molecules.

Whether a parent is looking for a resource or a gift for their future Nobel Laureate, chemistry books are a great choice. While the list of new books for 2009 may be short, these books are clearly tops! Surprise your little scientist with a fun book to go with their new chemistry set.

For more help in finding chemistry or other science related books for your kids, check out online booksellers, such as Amazon, for ideas.