Chemical Warfare Survival

Since it was Einstein’s German mentor that invented GA nerve agent in the first world war from some kind of insecticide concentrate, a kind of bug dope survival spray or lotion to neutralize various inhalant and topical chemical agents ought rightly to be invented as well. With so much work being done on the chemistry of thought transmission there ought to be some way to approach chemical war with a radical prophylaxis of a chemical nature as well-at least one would think.

We imagine the lonely soldier properly suited up and surviving a chemical attack. There may be innumerable post modern methods of compounding subtle viruses and chemical cocktails for dispersion on battlefields in asymmetric war unfair. Such a soldier prepaired against a panoply of weapons vectors would find his mission objectives altered by the attack. Survival would be a multi-diimensional challenge with that of carrying out the conventional mission criteria simultaenously with the chemical remedieis and ongoing prophylaxis that is fellow soldiers were not prepaired for.

Survival through a maelstrom of explosives and anti-human quality insecticides adds complexity to the usual direct and indirect fire weapons complex . Inventions of modern death and horror such as microwave transmitters to field-toast opposition forces bring the possibility iof friendly fire accidental cook-offs to ones own units. The power of governments to make weapons of mass destruction for use on ciuviolian targets is vast although it is terrorist groups and ethnic purge revolutionaries that use them generally.

Yet one must dress for success in right protective clothing, for then chemical war survival is quite possible. Chemical defense soldiers are a given a live agent tour with exposure to diluted VX and rarely suffer the horrible rabbit nervous death of federal film fame. The trouble with chemical war survival is that the exposure resistance suits are inefficiently designed and let soldiers overheat or become exposed to contact over time. One would think that the problem of designing an effective, practical chemical survival suit should be simple enoough and if manufactured would render chemical attacks ineffective too and perhaps prevent chemical war…prophylaxis is the best way to avoid the herpes like recurrence of blister agent wounds annually from the initial contact.

Traditional war tools of death are still the worst element for soldiers. Explosives, direct and indirect fire weapons are horrible, and I believe it was Defense Secretary Cheney’s Pentagon that considered producing a homosexual chemical drug to spray on enemy soldiers. The government did veto the development for a while and hopefully permanently. Microwave weapons that fry flesh or boil the blood are out there, and there are a host of other unconventional weapons that change the criteria of conflict, yet it will be globalist corporatists that sell out the United States to Chinese atheists and Muslim oil producers that ‘defeat’ U.S. independence like as not

Surviving chemical war would probably be combined with the survival of designer war. North Korean Dictator Kim Il recently said that the truce with South Korea is null, and that he will start a war within a week if his ships are stopped on the high seas for inspection for nuclear weapons and missile carriers of mass destruction. If Kim Il attacked a nation with atomic warheads he might well use chemical weapons too. Korean casualties in a Korean war version 2.0 would probably be high,but in North Korea it is difficult for the populace to complain about that a priori.

Here is something of a hypothetical scenario for an engagement with war and survival of chemical attack. While the North Koreans may use heavy artillery they expect to lose fairly quickly and like Saddam Hussein would want to create a large mess and numbers of casualties before death…

Hoards of cruise missiles with neutron bombs were launched from offshore upon North Korean forces that had pre-emptively decimated South Korean ranks with concentrated field artillery and a few nuclear bombs. A nuclear missile was launched on Japan for spite-Tokyo was vaporized as was Hiroshima for the second time. Though few North Koreans remained alive local battalion sized unites continued to advance under the cover of chemical weapons.

Our L.R.P. snow machine hover-craft ultra light sleds had brought us to the small hill in the woods from which we scouted the red army advance. The enemy began the shelling before dawn. Willie Pete burned in vulnerable flesh, non-persistent nerve agents in binary shells were lobbed in periodically like infrequent tracer rounds from coaxial boxes. Motion sensors set off claymore2.3 mines at red stealth platoons flanking our rear. Mortar napalm rounds with parachutes were launched by Corporal Devos sending the napalm like concoction on trajectories to float downrange. We had the chance to launch tow missiles at an aluminum hulled destroyer-missile lship that unwisely chose to enter the confined space of the inlet.

The enemy replied with something like Exocet cruise missiles before it was struck in an orange ball of flame. We left our dugouts fortified with layers of dirt and debris overhead as fast as possible.. Driving a light hover-sled in mission oriented protective posture chemical suits was better for evading the inevitable concentration of fire than walking. Most of us would make it. Crispy critters abounded on the way, infrared devices enfiladed hidden ‘snow bunnies’ in ambush points…

Civilians are lucky in the non-combatant sector of the continent. Some had ankles broken from the ground-snapping blast of a treaty violating rogue nuke that missed the urban center and landed fairly harmlessly beyond the mountain range, but none had to stay suited up inn a charcoal suit to stay alive in the toxic gas cloud that would evaporate as the day warmed up. It is lucky for us it wasn’t a thermal inversion such as occurs in a stagnant fog when the chemicals can stay around for days. As the company exited on a counter reverse running opposite the opfor flankers we had only mustard gas-phosgene to contend with besides the blister agent left behind by directed flying bombs from friendly aircraft some miles away covering our retreat and counter-cyclical attack.With luck the wind would shift and return the enemy’s chemicals downrange onto his pursuers and beach assailants.’

That sprayed on insecticide is a cousin of concentrated evil-the chemical war agent. With the loosening of the rules of war by terrorists in recent years, logically one can expect a chemical or biological war attack on the flimsy urban office kill zones seemingly built for analytical engineers of terrorism to spring mouse trap assaults on dwellers of the office spaces with silent, colorless death. Fortunately the government protects the people against public debt and unforeseen avenues of terror assault equally well.

Anthrax of course is not a chemical war agent-it is a bio-toxin and a member of a deadlier set of implements of mass death. Biological is beyond the range of this title, yet before we move on the horrible prospects for human extinction engineered by recombinant d.n.a. research should be noted…

Chemical warfare in Soviet military doctrine, was I believe, am anticipated normal accompaniment for infantry and armored cavalry advance in the hypothetical third world war. Binary nerve agents were to be delivered by artillery shells upon opposition forces that be us (N.A.T.O). Massed artillery assault had been an optimal Marxist policy when it was possible for an offensive. Nerve agents such as GA and GB were developed first by the Germans for world war one, and then by the British in counterpoint-with Americans lagging behind with the invention of VX. Nerve agent is fundamentally concentrated insect poison, and kills with a minimal dose upon skin contact or inhalation in under 60 seconds. One needs to have an atropine auto injector to stab oneself in the thigh very quickly to have any chance of survival if contact is made.

Nerve agents are the best tool for lunatics using chemical war agents for anything besides defense against invaders from the Dystopian Galaxy. They are easy for chemical producers to manufacture,but a pain to store, conceal and deliver outside of a military context. The United States had an only in retaliation to chemical attack policy. There are of course other nerve agents such as one might get from eating bad clams full of little dinoflagellates of a red tide. They too cause paralysis of the autonomous system signals for breathing and one suffocates. Military nerve agents may produce twiitching, more than nervous twittering, convulsions and remarkable deleterious changes. Lets move on to blood agents…

Blood agents are another chemical tool for war developed fairly early. Hydrogen cyanide was invented in 1782. The French used it in world war one quite a lot. The Japanese in Unit 731 did tests with it on live people and in China used it in war probably several times (36) between 1938 and 1941. Soviets stockpiled hydrogen cyanide for the second world war (aka .Great Patriotic War) but did not use it. Mustard Gas, another popular chemical agent from the first world war was also not used in the second by either side. Everyone remembered how bad the first world war exposure tio chemical agents was-even Adolph Hitler who got hit pretty well in the eyes by something and said ‘my eyes felt like hot coals burning through’ while in hospital missing the offensive that might have got him killed (in world war one).

The french tested AC (hydrogen cyanide) on dogs, and reported “In order that the experiment might be as fair as possible and that my respiration should be relatively as active as that of the dog, I remained standing, and took a few steps from time to time while I was in the chamber. In about thirty seconds the dog began to get unsteady, and in fifty-five seconds it dropped on the floor and commenced the characteristic distressing respiration which heralds death from cyanide poisoning. One minute thirty-five seconds after the commencement the animal’s body was carried out, respiration having ceased and the dog being apparently dead. I then left the chamber. “

Blood agent detectors may be sold in military surplus stores (the M18A2, M256, and M256A1).

Blister agent is another of the terrible troika of chemical war. It is sort of the equivalent of napalm to the skin from something not flaming. Blister agent is a jelly like substance made from something like extra-strength rust remover. It burns up the skin with blisters that just don’t want to heal. It can kill but it quickly puts a soldier out of combat. It can get in the eyes and blind, cause all kinds of dermatological wounds, and I imagine it might even burn through the stuff beneath the skin if one gets a lot of it on vulnerable areas. It can be spread on roads and trails laying as a trap for the unwary. It may get on vehicle tires and footwear and other objects handled by the unaware to their immediate harm. Its bad but at least it isn’t from the bio-war side of things…that is very unpleasant stuff-far worse than the swine flu popular in medical supply production businesses now as they gear up for the anticipated pandemic in the fall of 2009 that may infect one in three people globally or not.

A low-intensity chemical war continues upon mankind simmers in a variety of subtle ways continuously because people are idiots and greedy. Low level chemical pollutants poison from within as one drinks the stuff, or spreads it on laws to kill dandelions and pollen for honey bees. There are 3 million or more chemical agents manufactured and dumped in various ways in to the pool of the Earth and the gene pool too. Morons think more chemicals is a cure for everything so humanity is slowly transforming itself into it’s own protracted victim as a species. Well, its not total war, or targeted, keyed sequential covert deletion of individuals targeted by computer program from globalist data banks. As a species humanity is too violent and introverted intellectually and spiritually too specialized in occupational roles to moderate its own exotic and clever invention of toxic things and tools for mass death.

After that comment I should close with some happy news…Nerve agents usually disperse fairly quickly in heat and winds (also a down side), They are non-persistent chemical agents and hard to buy at Home Depot…in fact they aren’t for sale at all at Home Depot. It can even be difficult to buy lighter fluid at drug stores since 9-11 because they perhaps save money on shipping supplies when not including inflammable agents of filling lighters.

One should have a protective mask specially designed to stop chemical agents and a protective garment or jumpsuit that won’t let chemical’s pass from casual contact. Military and government attire is better designed for the fashionable well dressed soldier entering contaminated areas of war of course-so one must do the best one can in producing improvisational chemical protective posture clothing and shelter…obviously one should want to prevent the invasion of the stuff from your safe area…get some really good filters for your air conditioner, and tape up leaky places that create higher heating and cooling costs anyway.

Yes chemical agents can harm you but they also create jobs for government workers working to protect us from chemical agents government workers someplace have manufactured. Thank goodness! Al Qa’eda is believed to have planned to use hydrogen cyanide in terror attacks-possibly to drive up the price of oil…America is involved in the ‘moral equivalent of war’ to move away from fossil fuels, and has been since President Carter declared the moral equivalent battle joined in the 1970’s-so far that protracted war isn’t going well for America.