Characteristics of Left vs right Brain Dominance

Hemispheric dominance in highly functional people is rarely noticeable to the outside world.  While at other times it might be confused with placement on the autism spectrum.  

We tend to label a person by what they do or what they look like.  This is very superficial but a very powerful way to influence a young person’s outlook and outcome in life.

Albert Einstein is a possible example of right brain dominance.  A later study of his brain after he died revealed significant activity or development of neural pathways all over his brain. Whole brain.   His primary school teachers thought he was stupid. disability.  This is a common problem with grade school children who retain their right brain dominance.

Hemispheric brain dominance accounts for numerous social and behavioral illnesses including learning styles. (Some websites that have tests for dominance are listed at the bottom of this article.)

Most people are primarily left-brain dominate. Yet, everyone is born right-brain dominant. Any one who debunks the idea of hemispheric dominance is obviously has no right-brain issues to contend with.  Among highly functional right-brain dominant people, the difference from left-brain dominance is not apparent to the rest of the world at first glance. It is a commonly ignored or an unnoticed learning disability.

Also, please keep in mind that people are not either-or. We all, unless there is physical damage, use both sides in conjunction and simultaneously. It’s mostly a matter of which part of the brain does the most work.

The cause(s) of right-brained dominance can be organic (physical) or developmental. Development of social and verbal skills also develops the left-brain. Oddly enough, singing is a right-brain activity while talking is a left-brain activity.  Some child psychologists have postulated that there are levels of social or mental development in children that must be attained before a certain age.  Those who fail or who don’t pass through those stages are believed to have social problems later on. Jean Piaget

It is unclear as to whether or not ADD, ADHD and/or right-brain dominance are the same thing. I suspect that they are at least related.  It’s also possible that extreme cases of right or left-brain dominance might explain autism.

Here are the DIFFERENCES between right and left hemispheric characteristics:
*pictures, visual, focus on patterns
*free association
*need to know the why of doing something
*lose track of time/no sense of time
*trouble with spelling
*trouble prioritizing
*good spatial perception
*risk taker

*linear thought processes, one thing at a time, sequential
*analytical, logical
*remember words easier than faces
*lists and planning
*math easily understood
*detail oriented
*verbal language
*facts rule

*Here are some links to TESTS you can do online to determine your brain dominance:
test (I felt this was a more accurate test)
Low tech brain test
Brain dominance test (this is an interesting site, but I don’t know how accurate it is)
Another brain test