Change and how People Deal with it

Change in life is a way of improving yourself. Also it makes you aware of what you need to correct. Some people, or may I rephrase and say that most people do like changes. People become set in their old way of doing things. They feel like “If it is not broke, why fit it.”. Change can make you understand more about yourself. If you always act , talk, or feel the same way , then how will you ever know that you need to improve.

Most people don’t like change that comes all of a sudden. In this microwave society that we live in, these kind of changes should be accepted or at least excepted. Usually a person can adapt to change that will take place over a period of time. Of course there may be questions to why the change is necessary, but at least you can get prepared for the change. However there may be an attitude of “let’s wait and see if this change will make things better or will they stay the same”.

In order for a person to grow to maturity, change must come. It would be strange to see a healthy, alert person in their thirties still wearing a diaper, sucking their thumb, or waiting for someone to help them walk. So we must change; like the seasons change.  As in the spring time when flowers are blossoming and trees are budding with new life, so it should be with us. We should want something new to come in our lives. As the summer comes along it should be a time to nurture the newness so that it can grow. As fall approaches, then the ways that have not been productive should fall off or be replaced. In the the winter it will be time for those changes that have lasted to mature and become part of our lives. As the cycle starts over again it should make us a better person from one year to the next.

Dealing with change can be difficult for some people. They don’t like the change because with change comes a different way of thinking and reacting. Changes sometimes causes people to use resources that they may not be familiar with. However change is necessary to make the world a better place to live. If there had not been any change in the world we would not have the luxuries that we have.