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Have you ever tried asking your employer how much you are worth?
They would most likely say ’50k’ or ’70k’ or ‘150k’. They are telling you you are worth what they are willing to pay you.
Do you feel like you are worth more? Of course – it’s because you value your time greatly. And you should. Time is all we have, and before you know it, it is all gone.
Your employer is determining your worth – but is this right? Should you be basing your worth on what other people are willing to pay you? Should your time be worth your career salaries?
The answer is no – you are worth what you think you are worth.
But what does this mean?It means that if you think your time is too important to be sweating the small stuff – it is.Every time you have missed an event because you were working your day job, or you have looked out the window and realized that time is marching on – and you are still trying to schedule time in to smell the roses – you need to value your time more.

But is it that easy?
No – you need to learn to value your time. You have to work out how much you need to earn to live, and then spend the rest of the time doing the things that you want!
Your career salaries may be a status symbol, but all you really need is money to live – and then the freedom to live!
You need to pay yourself a wage – pay yourself to live!
You ask any small business owner, any person who works from home. They will tell you that the benefit for them is that they own their own time. They have the freedom to live and do what they want to. They get paid any amount they earn – rather than what other people tell them they are worth. They decide their own career salaries!

In 2010, people are not choosing the traditional route – in fact it is only one route of many!Choosing to work from home enables you to live each day – enjoy the sunshine and feel like you have really lived! Choose you as the number one person in your life – and determine your own worth.To find out how to reclaim your time and earn what you are worth go to