Can we Separate Science from Ideology – No

Can science be separated from language? Is empiricism a valid philosophy though Quine should that the analytic/synthetic distinction isn’t for epistemological purposes? Is it possible to regard science as a completely non-linguistic activity, or could it exist without any macro-economic circumstantial funding ?

Language phonemes assembled into structures comprising words may be reasssembled and used for implicit class exclusivity. Scientific researches may be perceived as practiced by exclusive classses even if those are politically correct classes imported from abroad or from internal or external proletariats. Scientific ventures exist commonly within large socially collective organizations with implicit political ideology, and most of western science and it’s applications become patented by wealth shareholders with little immediate return to consumers. The health care industry is one obvious example of the political ideological bias of science twoard benefiting the rich while the poor have little or no health repair opportunities nin the United States.

Science is subject to the same political ideologies that effect economics everywhere. Politicians issuing billions and billions do so on the basis of what the Corporate globalist CEO’s want not uncommonly, and Corporations or Communes may each fund their own favorite projects and sanction others. Would birth control be a big issue In Iran or Zimbabwe? Would high-tech low cost hernia surgery be something funded by governments full of rich politicians easily able to afford the expensive kinds of surgery? Political ideology inevitably effects scientific funding by governments, businesses and corporations because the values of donors or the goals of financiers may differ as widely as to serve humanity, to serve a proletarian revolution and conquest of the world, or to make material profit for it’s own sake.

Since landing on the moon in the 1960’s the will of the United States government to make livable colonies there has been non-existent. Political ideology determined a rapprochement with Chinese communism most recently to integrate proletarian-workers of China into global corporate consumers-producers. Investing in lunar development was politically incorrect. Investing in a disposable shelf life timed junk space station was o.k. It was expensive and now American astronauts must hitch-hike rides with Russian space-modules. Political ideology has determined that the United States invest trillions in profitless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan rather than swiftly winning, wrapping up those missions and moving on to ecological economic progress and lunar colonization simultaneously with new scientific research and applied technologies.

Science is done by human beings rather than machines so ideas and ideology tend to affect the subjective epistemology of scientists. Computer programs perform just the iterations that are written for them so they haven’t that experience. Funding of scientific ventures by the public would implicitly involve political ideology as criteria for selection of what projects to fund. Moral people would not want to fund a modern Joseph Mengele working on twins for scientific purposes for example, and many Christians would oppose abortion as a scientific device as well as embryonic stem cell research. There are people that would oppose privately funded scientific research if it was implicitly immoral research in their point of view. One then has the question of the right role of moral judgments in a democracy, and if the trend of trans-national imperialism and its amoral prerogatives of corporatist power should always override mere political opinions of a national citizenry.

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer in his book ‘The Fourfold Roots of Reason’ considered some of the points about perception and cognitive processing that human beings experience. Schopenhauer had the opinion that raw sense data is interpreted by innate structures of understanding into the usual appearance of reality. Schopenhauer believed that Immanuel Kant’s conceptual portrayal of the noumenal facts of reality for itself were transferred directly to human cognition through the senses without a fundamental interpretation by the human understanding; it is an interesting and important conjecture. Schopenhauer’s ideas about a human interpretation factor existing through training such as provides depth perception (examples were given of blind persons suddenly receiving vision and viewing things one-dimensionally) indicate comparatively some of the issues that fundamentally exists with interpretation of human experience-much of it is learned even without ideology through natural experience.

The visual and sensory field complex human beings experience in a sense all exist in idea; the sole proof of existence and experience of reality is through self-cognition and it’s extension. The way that self-cognition interprets the [potential electric or matter field of the universe is that adapted to the capacity of
human reasoning and sense cognition. It is theoretically possible that human awareness through additional training and technology one day could expand to include not only the standard four dimensions of space time but the micro-dimensions of N-Theory as well. Alternative courses through space time comprised of virtual reality intrusions and extrusions into this four-dimensional universe might become apparent, who can say?

P.F. Strawson in ‘Individuals’ considered some of the analytic philosophy and issues that differentiated thought contents of ’empirical’ or an objective nature from those of intentional or subjective nature. Empiricists believed that only extensional or objective empirical knowledge could have validity. Yet all knowledge and self-awareness occurs in the mind integrally. It is so however that the realm of unsubjective knowledge called objective reality is one shared by all human beings ‘plugged into’ perceiving if for-themselves…it nonetheless is a fact that all human beings plugged into perceiving the universe are interpreting it categorically in accord with their interpretive brain ‘receivers’. Ideology must exist to interpret the sense data composition invariably-and that isn’t necessarily bad, yet it must be considered as another potential filter added unto the datum.

Some may believe that the expansion of space-time creates a stress that forces virtual particles briefly into existence, while others postulate that zero-mass point particles are exempt from any sort of time dimension, and that time dimensions are dependent upon space dimensions as sorts of ‘free riders’ while other could believe that anything beside the standard four dimensions of space-time in existence would be anathema. An opposite theoretical belief encampment might oppose any sort of divine creation of the Universe even along the emanations from The One line described by the philosopher Plotinus…on ideological grounds as unbelievers in God; well, what if God is the truth (I think so) and the faithless are simply hardened, biases disregarders of truth? Ideological opinions will shape scientific investigations into the nature of reality until God wraps up the existential experience of the Universe.

The most minimal construction dimensions are considered with the potential for ideological interpretation implicitly. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

From the most minimal construction elements maths must model the building strings, lines or loops of the Universe. Even macro-physical events such as biggest bangs or hyper-inflating clumps of minimalist mass points need necessarily be comprised at some point or line, dot or jot of most minimal constructs. M-Theory evolved from string theory posits multidimensional membranes, or extra-dimensional membranes with zero mass as the original minimalist universe parts. Vacuums abhor vacuums some have said, and as beings cannot exist without nothingness whence nothingness comes into being mass must follow. Light must shine into the darkness as photons or electrons eventually as the Universe configures itself from an original paradigm or design. These constructs of dimension and relationship are necessarily somewhat arbitrary given the initial boundary or design criteria of the beginning elements or designer. It helps somewhat in relating the initial preponderance of infinities such as infinitely small points without mass, zero-dimensional branes’ without energy to consider a Universal field tying together these various hypothetical physical elements as they emerge from absolute oblivion into being as a unified complex series of relationships expanding because of the initial latent power of the field and increasing in number both because of their division into increasing numbers from an initial unified field as space-time expands while they may increase thus in size as well as number growing instead of diminishing even while the initial omega energy constant given to the entire universe from the beginning remains the same matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed from the initial given total. The matter and energy simply disperse into space-time at its expanding pace and run down to low yet infinitely numerous individual depleted branes. The zero-dimension depleted branes may transition into a lesser dimensional condition given their configuration and coalesce into a mass dimension crunching and subsequent repulsion. If God has provided the initial tie-in field for creation of the zero-dimensional branes at some point before the beginning of the Universe with his spoken word through the Intelligence or Jesus Christ (see the paradigm of the neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus for a brief on the relationship of The Intelligence to The One and the creator of worlds) the necessity for a hypothetical recursion and return of zero-dimensional branes to a self-replicating process even if staggered throughout an eternally fruitful vacuum energy Universe supporting state of nature is eclipsed-actually the necessity for one or an infinity of real virtual Universes sprouting from concatenations of zero-dimensional branes isn’t germane to hypothetical reverse engineering attempts to prove’ the existence of God.

In the Universal growth structure abortion is one complete abomination that destroys the rational growth or division of living cells packaged in an intelligent human configuration while also short circuiting relationships between physical elements and rational sentience. Insentient termination of healthy living beings has eternal consequences from the destruction of divinely placed designs being and becoming in the Universe for-itself.

Relationships between physical elements, the laws of physics and human life are one of the most interesting aspects of the existence of the Universe. What human beings do by their free will and choice sometimes runs counter to the natural laws and purpose of this Universe. Humanity tends to act en mass upon irrational impulses and political policies for reasons of artificial greed and comfort; sometimes mankind prefers the artificial to the real, the manufactured to the light of photons shining in the forest, the lure of false leather seats in a new car to the love of God and the miracle of life such as a daughter presents, or even the vision of the interior of a bank to the vision of grandchildren moving toward future goals beyond one’s own life in some extreme cases. Humanity may choose Dr. Mengele’s artificial selection process of left to slavery and right to the crematorium for their own unborn children and find a comfort in that they neither believe with the prophet Ezekiel that God had a plan to place the Gentiles amidst the twelve tribes of Israel to live in peace as a prototype of the eternal reconciliation unto the way of God. Oh well, neither do Americans always nominate interesting political candidates.

What can be done about the 2008 presidential primary election and the dearth of interesting candidates? The Twin Towers of Hillary and Obama seem to have the field to themselves unless Edwards should win Iowa and sweep on to victory in Florida. Bill Gates has declined to run as the Independent Party candidate so far, while Wesley Clarke and Oprah Winfree have forsaken running as a team to possible victory as Libertarians. Republicans at least may have the PhD in history former speaker Newt Gingrich as a candidate if the Republican deficit spenders can borrow 30 million from China or wherever to finance his campaign. It would be unlikely that the only valid candidate in the Republican field so far-Duncan Hunter, could beat the Three Top-Tier Stooges in fund raising efforts or even out-finance the traditional conservative Hitler-actor conservative role model candidacy of the replicant actor Thomson. Since the Wehrmacht sent Hitler with his rock-star voice to take over the national socialist party of Germany there has been a niche for conservative actors as President or Chancellor. While Reagan was an actor with a voice he was somewhat outside the Hitler role model of conservative actor candidacy because he was a genuine original before the trend developed in the United States as a follow up. This simply isn’t an interesting year so far in the Presidential campaigns.