Can the Weather be Manipulated

It is not even a good idea to attempt to manipulate the weather, many of us believe. “What is the way to the place where the lightening is dispersed, or the place where the east winds are scattered over the earth? Who cuts a tunnel for the currents of rain, and a path for the thunderstorm, to water a land where no man lives, a desert with no one in it, to satisfy a desert wasteland and make it sprout with grass?” Job 38:24-27, Holy Bible: New International Version, KJV,

The question asked above has caused consternation to many and ridicule to others in much the same way the question “Is Weather Manipulation Beneficial?” has on those who believe it should never be attempted. I am one of the latter.

Of course, were it possible, it would be beneficial to mankind if it were used only for the good, but as we know from history that is not good enough for those who seek their heavenly joy’ only from destruction.

Why waste valuable time with such folly. It rains when it rains, and it stops when it stops. Scientist know more about how this comes about since they are able to predict fairly accurately when it will rain, how much, where, and are able to give warnings when ferocious attacks of tornadoes, tsunamis and hurricanes are approaching. This is a good use of science.

Should they attempt to manipulate it? No. Have they attempted to manipulate it? Yes. Were they successful? I do not know. What I do know are random knowledge from snippets of past readings and tidbits of knowledge where some have tried but I will not comment because I do not have factual information on their reasoning.

I also have no way of knowing how true are the words I read online this morning, (Sept. 29, 2007) while trying to glean some facts for this article where I wanted to address the issue: is it true, or false; is it right or wrong? I only know for sure is that it brought the italicized words above to mind. These words in the first paragraph of this article, according to the bible, were admonitions to Job.

Online this morning, one writer was writing along the thoughts of most of most of us who do not concern ourselves with what we do not understand, including the weather, refuted the claim that weather manipulation is not being done. To some, even such a thought of manipulating the weather is hocus-pocus, but he was adamant it has been attempted, and is being attempted.

By whom? He has proof that the “US Air Force took down their Project 2025 online site in August, 2005.” Never having heard of it before, my first thought was, so what’, maybe they found it to be a waste of time. I read on: He has a PDF of the entire site and is offering all who wants to read it a copy.

I am simply not that curious but I did skim a few sections. I was absolutely aghast that there some, according to this writer, are accusing the U.S. Government of causing the Katrina hurricane to the removal of that particular online site. It was removed, the author says, a little before. There were other equally ridiculous accusations blaming the United States Government for fouling up the weather and causing cataclysmic happenings world wide.

I moved on to another Google site, India Daily that has as its purpose “Artificial Weather Modification”. Supposedly, worldwide there are many participants. It was written by a staff reporter.

An article aroused my curiosity. This headline: UFO Crashed in Atlantic Ocean. As told, it happened off the New Jersey Coast and was [if not an UFO then it was] “a controlled experiment by the advanced extraterrestrial civilization”.

The author wrote that this thing that was cirlced by lights, fell into the ocean around 8:40 Sept. 3, 2007 and “was seen by people on the Normandy Beach in Ocean County, and was spotted as far away as Fire Island and South Carolina”. And it’s anyone’s guess who is being blamed for that.

Strange. But not so strange is the entire hullabaloo about the weather. An old adage says when you have nothing else to talk about, talk about the weather. Supposedly it was the only safe topic. Certainly you could not risk talking about the Bible to one with opposing views. But now even the sacred territory of weather has been invaded. What next. (Helium will be talking about it.)