Can Science Settle the Question of whether Money can Buy Happiness

Science has no relation to this age-old argument of whether money can buy a person’s happiness. Science has evolved over time through people’s curiosity of the world around them. When someone wakes up in the morning and look outside, they wonder why the sun is there and where it went the previous night. Or someone else will wonder why one person gets ill and another does not. Science seeks to explain the world around us. Why do things work the way they do?this is the question at the heart of all sciences.

It would appear as if this question easily incorporates the dilemma of whether money buys happiness. However, if you actually stop and think about it, it has no relation. In truth, money is an abstract concept. Money did not exist before humans, but is a creation of humans. Without humans, there is no money. The only beings on Earth that understand the concept of money are humans. If humans suddenly forget about money, money will lose all its meaning and cease to exist. Those pretty green bills in our pockets with the strange pictures and numbers will become nothing more than pretty green bills in our pockets with strange pictures and numbers.

Science, on the other hand, studies the concrete. In all branches of science, if you take away humans, the subject matter remains. Germs continue to live with or without humans. The sun, the moon, and the stars continue to revolve with or  without humans. Plants, animals, ocean currents, and wind currents all continue to exist with or without humans. What is studied by science is not the created by humans, but rather, what has been created without humans. Because humans did not create these things, it is necessary for us to study them, so we can begin to understand this world around us. Additionally, everything studied in science is understood on some level by other creatures, beyond humans. The movement of astral bodies influences the lives of many creatures on this planet. The forces of gravity determine what types of traits animals will have, and what kind of traits plants will have.

This is the difference between science and money, including the influences of money. Science studies concrete ideas and the subject matter touched upon by scientists will continue to exist with or without humans. Money is an abstract idea and is heavily dependent upon humans. Without humans there is no money. Additionally, money is only recognized by humans. The subject matter of science is recognized, on some level, by all living things. Thus, science has nothing to do with money. There are completely different ideas covering completely different concepts and there is no bridge between them. The only link between money and science is how much money a scientist has, determines what kind of experiments can be performed. In this case, money is nothing more than a tool that a scientist uses to attempt to answer the question of how things work.