Brown Clouds Environment

The Brown Cloud Threat!

Brown clouds or man made clouds are an ever increasing threat to the planet. They are huge dense clouds of man-made waste, thick in soot, chemicals and toxic waste created by our industrial burning of materials such a fossil fuels. The clouds which are becoming more and more common across the globe are appearing where vast numbers of people are living and working.

These brown clouds are doing massive damage to the world around us causing many shocking effects on our planet and on our health. The clouds are so densely full of waste it blocks out even the natural sun light smothering large cities and its residents in soot and waste. breathing in this toxic waste will be damaging the local populations health to an un-imaginable scale, causing eye, breathing and other general health problems.

The shocking fact about the way we live is that even thought these brown clouds are taking over some of the worlds biggest cities people are not alarmed enough to act upon it and od any thing about it. Surly the warning signs are there the mass of soot and chemicals forming these brown clouds. It is such a scary visual warning that we need to change our ways.

The clouds are not just effecting human health but having a big knock on effect to our planet to. Trapping heat under and in the clouds is raising temperatures in local climates and even causing glacial melting in some regions. In some areas where the cloud is particular bad it is even changing the weather seasons. It is stopping rains falling at their seasonal times causing the local farmers to lose valuable crops to feed their families and make a living. Effects like this are becoming more and more common and its alarming to think not alot is being done to correct the damage.

These brown clouds are seeming to effect alot of the larger cities in developing countries where their economy is in a boom. It seems as if they are getting too far ahead of their selves. What we are seeing now is India’s and China’s version of the UK industrial revolution where the same sort of problems where occurring. So then it would seem that man has not learnt from our own mistakes, we have done all this before only to do it all again.

With all the clean ebwergy we can producwe an duse these days these same mistakes hould not be happening, these countries are letting their people down by not prodtecting them from these brown poision clouds.