Biological Determinism and Genetic Inheritance Facts

On biological determinism and genetic inheritance there are a number of ways to approach the topic. Most often the matter is addressed empirically. The idea is of one’s being entirely vested in physicality. There is no criticism in that approach, however the real topic is behavior. Behavior is as much an expression of consciousness, probably more than physicality.

Doesn’t behavior emanate from the brain? Yes. Does consciousness pre-exist brain activity? That’s where the idea of there being consciousness independent of brain activity comes into play. Is the universe a bastion of consciousness without the brain? Starfish have no brains, yet they socialize, hunt, LEARN, etc. They do what we do in their own ways. Most significant is that they learn. Another point is cellular memory. Organ transplant recipients some time report features to their personality altering to mirror what’s comes to light of the donar. This includes taking on certain tastes, appeals for activity in which there was no prior interest, etc. Does body tissue have consciousness? How are we to understand a conveyance to consciousness from a lack of consciousness?

Inundated with the bodily fluids of a recipient and masked in tissue rejection drugs, how would definitive outlines of a donar consummate in the mind of a recipient? When having more of a nip of fine scotch than law and order will tolerate we lose contact with our selves. Being immersed in another human being’s bodily fluids, what they intake in their habits and artificial chemicals to support a transplant how can clarity come through such pollution? This isn’t to charge recipients as being dirty rotten filty trash eating smoking drug abusers. No.
Being in a foreign bodily fluid, as healthy as it could be would still be partially alien, something that isn’t common to the flavor of one’s existence. That’s pollution, not of the offensive type, as far as society’s values are concerned.

There is no biological determinism where consciousness is concerned. The brain is not the avatar of consciousness. It participates in consciousness. It does not manufacture or is otherwise the author of consciousness. So, what am I saying? It’s quite simple, materialism will never bridge consciousness through its own means. Consciousness is the province and possession of the Creator, who is past finding out. Therefore, through mechanical means consciousness is not subject to being understood or known.