Big Brother 1984 Written Word Ebooks Naa Nwo new Speak old Speak – No

The written word will be outlawed by the NWO in an attempt to better control the past, so they can rule the present and guarantee their victory into the future. It is already evolving around that way. We are constantly writing in electronic form everyday. And the trend isn’t slowing. With all of the concerns of Global Warming, and the newest trend in going “Green”, the push to stop using paper is on. Ask your local newspaper office how sales are going. Once upon a time people used to go out and get the newspaper and read it over coffee and muffins. Now they get up and turn on the television or get online over Java Juice and donuts. The Baby Boomers may not want to give up their paper and you might find some Generation X-ers that don’t want to give up their paper. But what about Generation Next, or the generation after it; if you have never been introduced to paper, would you know what you are missing?

Actually Generation X is the first to push the movement to go paperless in the name of going “Green”. We are the Wi-Fi Generation, the internet junkies. The movement has already begun, hasn’t your bank tried to get you to go paperless yet? Have you ever purchased an e-book and read it? Did you take the time to print it out, put the pages together, just to read it on paper? Why not? Because it would be a waste of paper? See, we are already being trained to save through conservation. “if you’re not recycling, you’re throwing it all away.” Sound familiar? It is in our ad campaigns on the television, and we have inundated it into a way of life; which is good news for trees, humans, and landfills. But it is bad news for any truth in the media.

Believe it or not, there are still media outlets that will tell the truth. Most of which is contained in written word; but, if you take away the written word and replaced it with electronic words then you could always go back and alter what the words said in order to fit what your agenda for the day is going to be. That is a little bit harder to do with millions of paper copies floating around in various parts of the country and in peoples houses. But if it is filed electronically, then anyone could get in and change it to fit their purpose. This is why the NWO under the guise of the NAA will ban the written word and all books will be ordered destroyed. People have short term memories, right? We forget details and if someone offers the details slanted in their direction you might tend to believe them; depending on how much you trust the person, whether it is true or not. So, if today they tell you that Iraq is our ally and tomorrow they tell you that Iraq is our enemy, you will believe what you are told, because there is no physical proof otherwise. And those that provide the truth will disappear along with all remembrance of them. But not only the written language but the spoken word will also be changed forever. This, too, is becoming self evident.

How many out there have either sent or received a text message or IM? Wow, that is quite a show of hands. Then you are aware of the trend, especially of the younger generations, of shortening words down to letters, i.e. LOL (laugh out loud), ROFLMBO (rolling on floor laughing my butt off), you get the idea. In the book 1984, this is referred to as New Speak. In the book, New Speak also incorporates the , as in .com, .gov, .net, and such. Old Speak, or the way we communicate now is a thing of the past and only the Old Timers still use Old Speak. This is very much the direction that our country and more importantly the world is moving toward, are you ready for a world with no paper? The older generations are about to be lost in everyday ordinary conversations with their grandchildren, OMG! The beginning of this trend is here, are you ready for the Big Brother Era?