Best Mtf Surgeons

Picking only a few people as the best MTF (Male to Female) GRS surgeons is actually fairly simple. The general reason for this is simply because there really are not very many worldwide who perform the procedure and only a small percentage do what would be considered top quality work. While assessing the most highly regarded surgeons in this field several key factors were considered which were designed to remove individual bias from the selection as much as is possible.

What makes for a top notch MTF surgeon? For one thing experience is huge, very few people enjoy the idea of undergoing such a sensitive procedure in relatively unpracticed hands. A second factor is scanning several databases and the web for complaints lodged against each surgeon regarding not only this procedure but their practice as a whole. With those considerations each was also investigated regarding post-operative satisfaction, the amenities available to each patient while recuperating on site, price, associated procedures available, and positive feedback provided by former patients. Each is presented in no particular order.

Dr. Gary Alter is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at UCLA with a list of credentials which certainly lends credence to his stellar reputation as a top MTF surgeon. While no exact data on how many procedures Dr. Alter has performed are available, he has long been regarded as one of the best with over 15 years of experience performing the procedure. He offers most of the complimentary procedures most people would desire in conjunction with an MTF procedure, the tracheal shave being the only one not listed as available by him. He uses the penile inversion technique, and while his prices are currently unlisted it goes without saying that if you choose a Beverley Hills plastic surgeon, you pay Beverly Hills prices. No complaints which bear any merit have been lodged against Dr. Alter.

Dr. Marci Bowers runs her practice out of Trinidad, Colorado, a locale long regarded as the unofficial sex change capital of the world. Dr. Bowers learned the procedure under pioneer Dr. Stanley Biber whose practice she assumed upon retirement. She is one of the most well known surgeons in the field perhaps in large part due to her appearances on the Discovery Channel and her Lifetime Network show, Sex Change Hospital. Dr. Bowers has performed over 100 MTF procedures at lat publicly available tally with no complaints lodged and a high level of satisfaction expressed by her patients. Dr. Bowers also holds the distinction of being the only person to have undergone the procedure to perform the procedure. Marci offers all associated procedures with the exceptions of facial feminization surgery.Her prices are high for most, but as is true with anything you get what you pay for and results say she is worth it.

Toby Meltzer, MD, PC, practices out of Scottsdale, Arizona and has long been regarded as one of the top surgeons in the field with near impeccable credentials. Dr. Meltzer performs all associated procedures and then some and has no complaints of merit lodged against him regarding his abilities as a surgeon. The one consistent complaint is that he does not participate in any insurance programs and he is pretty steep regarding prices which must all be paid in full in advance. He does however provide all necessary paperwork for anyone lodging an insurance claim. His website is poorly kept up with information left on which at times is several years out of date requiring a significant amount of email exchanges or phone tag to get any current reliable information. While that does not in any way diminish his abilities as a surgeon, it is a turn off for many prospective patients.

The general sentiment regarding Dr. Pierre Brassard who operates out of Montreal, Canada, is that when he is good he is very good, and when he is very good he is nearly god-like. His reputation and credentials are beyond question without so much as even a negative comment on the web which could be located. Thanks to Canada’s medical system Dr. Brassard’s prices are very reasonable (less than a new car), and either he or his partners in his clinic offer any associated procedure on may desire. He offers his patients a lovely facility to prepare for and recuperate from surgery which is unparalleled. With countless MTF procedures performed, Dr. Brassard is regarded by many as the best surgeon performing this procedure bar none which is evidenced by his client list from around the world.

While MTF procedures are not his primary practice, Dr. James Bellringer is regarded as perhaps the best in the field located in Britain. His primary practice is in urology with a major sub specialty in GRS procedures. He shows no complaints on his record regarding his practice and enjoys excellent patient reviews regarding both appearance and functionality. Prices may vary greatly between citizens of Britain and other nations due to the medical system but are actually reasonable in comparison to his peers in the global sense. While Dr. Bellringer has no information available on associated procedures, and no feedback can be located on those, so far as the MTF procedure itself goes he is top notch.

Dr, Supron Watanyusakul is located at his own clinic in Choburi, Thailand and is going on his 15th year performing the MTF and all associated procedures. He uses a non-penile inversion technique which he clams, and his patients seem to agree, provides superior cosmetic benefits, depth and sensation. His prices are a bit steep compared to other Thai surgeons of high regard, but many consider him to be the best in the country if not all of Asia. He has performed hundreds of MTF procedures and experienced almost negative buzz on the internet. His professional records are impeccable.

Dr. Pichet Rodchareon is another Thai Surgeon operating out of Bangkok is by patient reviews on sites independent of his own has actually achieved one of the highest rating levels for patient satisfaction. His former clients almost universally rave about his abilities as well as the fact that he treats his patients as if they were family from first contact until well after they have returned home. He is one of the most economically priced surgeons in the world of such high regard. he performs all associated procedures and does include package pricing to make things even more affordable for his patients. His professional credentials are outstanding and his aftercare program is top flight. He does have one internet complaint lodged against him which was found to have no merit as the complications were found to be caused by the patient failing to follow aftercare guidelines.

While there is always some degree of patient loyalty, these are the surgeons that have performed a significant number of MTF procedures with few or no complaints that enjoy both excellent patient and peer review. It is also worth noting that while these are the highest regarded surgeons in the field, they are not the only ones who are capable of returning good results. The final decision for any person considering this procedure should be based on whom they are comfortable entrusting this process to.