Benefit of a Solar Water Heater

As an expert who has been in the field of solar technology for about ten years now,I have come to appreciate the numerous benefits obtainable by sourcing one’s energy needs from the sun.Over the years,most of the clients that come my way for information and service,have done so because they got some tips from a friend,family members or colleagues,and would want to experiment,to know the reality behind a simple solar cell capturing the intense heat
or radiation from the sun,for conversion into heat,or electrical energy.

In the particular case of a solar water heater,it should be realised that,whether passive or the active type,it is never used alone.Rather,a solar water heater is always used in conjunction with conventional heat source,which most of the time,is sourced from the National Grid.The reason for this is not far fetched:one,sunshine,the main energy for solar water heater,is not available throughout the day;and two,it is necessary to make provision for any power outage.Again,a complete solar water heater will always come modular,and will consist of a solar collector,heat exchanger or pump module,and a storage tank.It is on these basis the benefits will be discussed:

With a solar water system,it is possible to reduce the annual energy cost of your household by 40 to 52 percent.This is an advantage over conventional water heater.Assuming your monthly water heating bill for say,a family of four is $100,from the grid,over a period of one year,your bill may be reduced to only $648,instead of $1,200,using an average percent,46,for the estimation.It is amazing how solar water
heater can achieve this feat.But,the reality of it all could be traced to the source of its energy,the sun.

In the US,the Clinton and McCain campaign is proposing a cut in gas tax,a move economist has hinted will not work.Taking a warm look at a solar option will offer the US consumers much relief.

Today,Wednesday July 30,2008,British Gas annonced its move to raise gas bills by 35 percent and electricity prices by 9 percent.Again,it is expected average dual fuel prices will jump 25 percent.By estimation,the price hike,which comes to effect immediately,will add an extra 262.80 pound sterling a year to the average dual fuel consumer’s bill,or 72p a day.Three reasons were given for the hike:diminishing UK gas reserves;record oil prices;and incresing global demand,for the decision.Whatever incentive given to the fixed-rate customers is only a mere story.With a solar water heater,the burden is reduced,and considerably too.

Solar water heater is an excellent heat source.With the abundance provision of energy from the sun,a solar water heater provides hot water for several household cores ,including showering,dishwashing,and kitchen activities.

A solar water heater is an excellent addition to conventional water heaters.Fuel or no fuel,for the latter,a solar heater continue to provide steady supply of hot water to the household.

Your solar water heater could be installed on the roof,or it could be a stand-alone structure outdoor.Depending on the size of the solar collector required by your household,it could be installed to provide the required shade for outdoor living.

When you instal a solar water heater in your home,be rest assured your fuel consumption,be it gas,wood,or briquette,will drop considerably.

In whatever biome or climatic zone you are,the solar water heater will work,and effectively too.The reason is because the sun is the only star that is serving the planet earth with so much radiation,and its activity covers the entire planet,even Iceland.In other words,commercial solar water heater are designed compatible with every climate.

Power outages are frequent occurences,and may be severe in some situtions.Whenever this occurs,your solar water heater comes to the rescue,giving you an excellent alternative that works.

A solar water heater experience is good for young occupants in your home,most especially babies or tenagers,because large quantities of hot water are required all of the time.Turn on your hot water line,and get as many liters as you so much desired daytime or nighttime.

Solar water heating systems are commonly reffered to in the industry as Solar Domestic Hot Water(SDHW)systems.Even then,their usability and durability have made them useful in other applications,
including hotels and motels,car washers,restraurants,swimming pools,and laundry mats.

When you invest in a solar water system,you will be able to avoid carbon monoxide,carbon dioxide,nitrogen dioxide,sulfur dioxide,and other air pollutants produced when your utility generates power or you burn fuel to raise the heat content of your household water.For example,a solar water heater will eliminate up to 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in a year ,and in proportion to your energy savings.When you reduce greenhouse gas emission and air pollutants,in a way,you are reducing the impact of man on climate change.You are in support of green technology.Solar energy offers a more sustainable,clean energy source than nuclear energy or fossil fuels.

The average lifeline of a solar water heater,well-maintained,is in the region of 20 to 25 years.This is the main reason why a manufacturer can offer you a warranty of five years or more,sometimes as high as ten years.A solar water heater is immuned to all forms of precipitations,including snow,sleet,rain,dew,and mist(or fog).

After the initial investment,which may be as hgh as $5,000-$6,000 for a simple household solar water system,the entire units becomes economical to manage.Sunshine is free and unlimited.Maintenance is very low.And with no fuel to buy,no major repair work to execute,and a reliable tax incentive,a solar water heater is a must-have at home.To calculate the Pay Back Time(PBT) or Return On Investment(ROI) for a residential building,the important points to note include:size and cost of the sysytem;interest rate of purchasing loans;participation in a standard offer contract;current and future prices of conventional energy;and saved cost of reduced energy utilization.Generally,a figure between 6-12 years is possible.

A custom designed and installed solar energy system can be scaled up to increase the energy output in your home,depending on your needs.A solar contractor does the necessary calculations and estimates for you.

The larger the solar energy system desired,the lower is the cost of energy delivered for the investment made.This is what is known as the “economy of scale.”A solar water heater will provide 1500 to 3000 kWh of energy per year.If you should purchase two units at once,as a single unit,then,theenergy to be delivered

Purchasing a solar water heater gives you the opportunity to have a lot of purchasing incentives,which may include rebates,grants,and zero-interest loans,because the solar energy market in the US,like in other countries too,is still growing.Before you purchase a solar water heating system,itis of value to ;determine the correct system size;evaluate your site’s solar capability;consider the economics;
Determine the system’s energy efficiency;estimate and compare system costs;and investigate local codes,covenants,and regulations.

There are very few products,if any,that could beat the warranty offered by many manufacturers of solar water heater.Some can give you as many as ten years.What is the reason why they can do do this?Believe in the product,and the supporting technology is it!

Finally,it could be said that the benefits of solar water heater could not be over-emphasized.It offers an exceptional saving,serves as a heat source,an auxiliary heating source,provides an addtional shade,a reduced fuel consumption,compatible with every climate,and usable during a power outage.Again,it offers an exemplary dishwashing and showering experience,useful in other applications,pullution free,offers a long life,economical,effective scale-up design,economy of scale,purchasing incentive,and anunbeatable warranty.