Avoid Popping Blackheads – As It May Cause New Complications

Popping the blackheads is not to help you anymore to get rid of them. Rather some new complications may emerge provided you opt for popping of your blackheads in haste. These are the small black bumps emerging on some specific regions of the facial skin such as nose, forehead or cheek which are identified as the blackheads. The forehead, cheeks and the nose are largely affected by them. Be whatsoever the site affected from blackheads, popping them with hands is not to yield any effective result as it causes some new complications, just parallel to the blackhead’s unwanted presence.

What are the blackheads?

The small plugs of dark fatty matter (aka sebum), which blocks the follicles of facial skin engendering thereby the small bumps, are identified as the whiteheads or blackheads. The whiteheads (aka acne or pimples) and the blackheads, though look similar in shape or size, it is the color or pigment which makes them different. The small bumps emerging over the facial skin deprive the natural beauty of men and women. Maximum numbers of the people after getting upset of such unwanted facial bumps, start popping them hoping that such of their act will help them get rid of bumpy dark blocked pores of their skin permanently. But such of their thoughts rather put them into more complication by spoiling whole of the blackheads-affected region with a filthy look. Some people even suffer from itching, burning sensation and rashes as well after popping up their blackheads.


As there are two types of bumps emerging on the facial skin as the whiteheads and blackheads, the latter can also divided into of two types, known as dark blackheads and the light blackheads.

How they emerge on skin?

There are some specific conditions which cause the blackheads on facial skin, such as overproduction of sebum in the sebaceous glands, usage of cosmetic creams, consumption of oily food products, hormonal disorder and facial-bleaching. The people ignoring the proper sanitation or failing to cleanse their facial skin also encounter the problem of blackheads and getting much phobic of them start popping them in immense frustration.

Causes of blackheads

The blackheads are caused due to excessively produced oil on the facial skin blocking thereby the pores thereof. The oil produced excessively on the facial skin gets perpetuated in the blocked pores as sebum. These small bumps with its completely clogged pores are initially identified as the whiteheads. But the small bumps (aka whiteheads) provided are found with open pores or openings, they are called blackheads. You must be inquisitive now to know how the small bumps with tiny openings can be identified as the blackhead. And the answer lies in the air’s entering into the small bumps through its small openings and causing a reaction with sebum. Air’s coming into the contact of sebum is a process known as oxidization which turns small bumps (initially identified as whiteheads) into the blackheads. The teenagers and the youths detesting unwanted blackheads on their facial skin start popping them without bothering to know its contrary effect on the spontaneous beauty of their face.

How to get rid of blackheads

There are some effective removal methods that have got to help you remove the blackheads form your face. But what you should keep yourself aloof from, is the popping of your blackheads. It has been noticed that some people use some blackheads-popping tools as well, presuming that it will not affect spontaneity of their skin. But it is much dangerous for the skin which you should always be aware of. Popping rather damages the natural tissues of the skin causing skin scars or permanent blemishes thereon. It’s not that you can’t squeeze them out of your facial skin as some tricks are just akin to the popping of blackheads. Despite being similar in effect the tricks mentioned over here are different from common popping trick and safe as well.

  • Scrubbing It is an easy way to remove the blackheads without popping or squeezing them. Just make your facial skin soft by placing on your face a towel, soaked in the warm water and compressing your skin. If you get assured of your facial skin’s becoming soft enough to be scrubbed, start scrubbing with another dampened sheet of cotton cloth. Such process has got to remove them completely from your face.
  • Apply the lemon juice– It is just tantamount to exfoliation as it bursts the rigid ridges of skin without causing any harm to the skin and thus removes the blackheads amazingly.