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Open your mind as well as your heart.  Sometimes we must learn to think outside of the box.  Illnesses such as autism create questions  as to environmental factors.  Research is showing more and more adverse health effects appear to be the culprit of toxic mold or other indoor air contaminants.  Anyone concerned with autism as well as other misunderstood sicknesses should explore this avenue.

Some children once diagnosed with autism have actually made a complete turn-around.  Thus was it truly autism to begin with? Could it possibly be something that was environmentally induced?  It is a possiblity.

For in some of these cases seemingly miraculous recoveries have taken in children diagnosed as “autistic” once they were removed from a moldy environment.  Many species of mold found in water-damaged homes can produce mycotoxins which are highly poisonous.  These toxins which can be inhaled, absorbed or even ingested have the potential to affect the brain and central nervous system, as well as any other organ.  They invade the body at the cellular level.

If an expectant mother has been exposed to mycotoxins and these poisons or molds are systemically residing in her blood, tissues or cells, does it not make sense they could be passed on to that unborn child?  The saying “this is my own flesh and blood” takes on a whole new meaning when you truly think about it.

 I am certainly not medically qualified to answer these questions. But I am fully qualified to ask the question when I see the alarming statistics. The number of autistic children as well as thousands of children dying from systemic toxic mold poisoning is astounding.  Can autism be changed by changing one’s environment?  It’s time to stop the suffering.  Sometimes the walls between us can literally hide reality.  Perhaps the long black chains that hold us captive can be broken.  For only the truth can set us free.

In an attempt to find answers, explore all the possibilities.  Either prove them or disprove them.  The toxic nightmare of mold as well as autism can both create confusion, slurred speech, inability to concentrate and a feeling of being trapped inside your own body. It is hard to see all the suffering continue. 

Case studies of autistic children have often found high levels of mold in their body.  Seek out true stories of “autistic children being made healthy”.  If there’s even a chance of a child being in a mold contaminated home or school environment, don’t take that chance.  Remember molds and the deadly mycotoxins they produce can be hidden from the naked eye.  Yet they are among the deadliest agent that exist today.  Many have been used in biowarfare. Surely, they a true threat to one’s health, especially a child.

Even if the environment is not a cause of autism, it makes sense being in a moldy or unsafe environment could only make matters worse.  It’s not worth the risk.  Make sure your indoor air quality is safe.