Arctic Summer Weather

Summer in the Arctic

Land of the Midnight sun remains an unlikely location for snow birders to return even for the summer.  The views or worshipers of the sun may want to see the sights of the midnight sun, but you will need to bring your sweater collection rather than your resort wear.


The green movement wants us to use the sun to heat our planet just as it does for us in the summer months in most locations, but at the arctic, it offers little warmth. It even shines more during the day and at times twenty-four hours.  This is the land of the midnight sun, but warmth is not a portion of the added sunshine.  The sun offers no difference to the air temperature around the land mass, and the term landmass fails to fit as well.


Earth is hard to find in the Arctic because of the snow cover that never seen to disappear except in the areas that prompt alarm from the environmentalists.   Shorelines appear uncovered that had been extended by ice flows.  Leave the sandals at home, the boots still offer protection from the cold.  The air around the Arctic may not get warmer, but the ground takes on a mild warming during the summer months. The land mixed with ice makes it a hostile environment for most animals and vegetation.


The Arctic vacation will not include a visit to a farmer’s market.  The items that grow in this climate are far and few.  Most animals that survive on plant life will fail to thrive in the arctic area. Most humans are carnivorous, but need a mixed diet that includes at least five servings of fruits and vegetables.  Humans must bring in these items.

The animals that live in the area come to life in the summer months.  Many of them such as the polar bear hibernate during the winter months and begin their fishing, which is the food source for many of the animals within the region.  The grazing animals such as the caribou will start to migrate back up to where they can graze off dead grass and other items that grow as the ground getting warmer.  The hunters eat these grazing animals as a source of fat, which aids in keeping the body warm.

You might not realize much different in the summer months weather, but you can claim that you are truly a sun worshiper when you enjoy the view of the sun without the sun providing warmth. The Arctic is as much year around temperature as the tropics, but may not prompt tourism.