It is difficult for people to accept that humans are closely related to apes because most people strongly believe that only God created man and woman, Adam and Eve, in the first place. They cannot accept believing in God and evolution at the same time. Some people might think it is a blasphemy to believe in God and evolution, but I do not think so. I, too, believe that God created male and female in the beginning of time because the Bible strongly stated that God created male and female (Genesis 1: 27), but it does not mention how God created male and female.

No one knows the truth how God created male and female, and that’s when evolutionists explain how humans were created. Evolutionists believe that humans are evolved from apes because they found bones and evidences that humans are 90 % or more related to apes. If some people do not believe the evidences that evolutionists had found, just think about the behaviors and actions between apes and humans. Apes do protect their family’s members and their territories. They can invent some simple tools for them to hunt and survive. Humans have similar actions and behaviors as apes. In addition, size of the brain in apes is closely related to humans, except that humans’ brain is more sophisticated. From the size of the brain, this is an indication that humans are slowly evolved into an intelligent human being.

Some people still might not believe that humans are closely related to apes because they are confused how apes evolve into humans. I believe as ecological systems changed during the time when apes existed, apes also changed and evolved into something else, humans. Also, new tools are invented as ecological system changed because apes need to survive, and as they were evolving into human form, humans eventually became more intelligent. Ecological system has its affect, and that is why some people living in different territories have less or more hair, shorter or taller, and so forth.

Another reason that some people still refuse to accept that humans are closely related to apes is when society becomes more and more advanced because of new technologies, some people do not categorize humans and apes are from the same members of biological family, in evolutionary terms. They believe that apes are animals and humans are humans, as simple as that. In addition, some people do not want to discredit from what they have been taught throughout their lives.

In conclusion, the Bible has a way of explaining who is the creator of humans, and evolution has a way to explain how humans came into this earth in the first place, from evolving through species. Both explanations help me to discover the truth and the mystery of how humans came into the world in the first place.