Anxiety or Stress can be Beneficial

Whilst extreme anxiety or stress will impact negatively upon a person, in some instances anxiety or stress can actually be beneficial to the individual. When feeling anxious we tend to be more alert, more aware of things around us and therefore better able to respond. Through anxiety our awareness is increased and this is one way in which anxiety can be beneficial. In sporting ice events such as the luge and skeleton for instance, anxiety at the top of the track can definitely be seen to be a good thing; the slightest lapse of concentration in these events and a race can be lost, and a little anxiety is in this instance is therefore helpful for keeping the athlete’s mind focused on the task at hand. The anxiety that these athletes feel makes them more on the ball as they navigate their course down the track, thus leading to an increased performance.

Nervous energy can be utilised to good effect, and if channelled in the right manner then it can be beneficial. When taking exams it is only natural to feel nervous, and whilst a person may become so stressed and anxious about said exam that they fail to perform at an optimum level, feeling slightly nervous before an exam can be a good thing and lead to a positive performance. If not feeling at all nervous or even overconfident then you may fail to read a question correctly and lose marks as a result, stress or anxiety in this instance though may lead to you reading each question more carefully, therefore avoiding making such a mistake. The increased adrenaline may also enable you to write more in the exam time allowed which could be beneficial for gaining valuable extra marks.

Stress and anxiety are common in everyday life, and although feeling stressed or anxious can sometimes be a little overwhelming it is not always necessary to panic. Anxiety or stress can increase adrenaline, make you feel more alert, and have a positive effect upon performance. Anxiety or stress can be beneficial to an individual, and when feeling either of these emotions it is absolutely essential to channel them in the right manner, not feel overawed by them but instead use them in a positive manner in order to benefit.

Anxiety and stress may not be emotions that you’d consider as being particularly desirable, as outlined here however they can actually be beneficial and feeling a little anxiety or stress isn’t necessarily such a bad thing.